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Above the Fold

Content that appears on a website before the user scrolls. Google created the Page Layout Algorithm in 2012 to lower the rankings of websites featuring too many ads in this space.

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AdWords is a program that allows businesses to place ads on Google and its partner websites. Ads are placed based on what the business is offering and how much they are willing to pay per click.

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Synonyms - Google Ads

Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) is a programming that allows for a more interactive and engaging experience for users, as they are not constantly having to reload pages to see new content.

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Algorithm is a set of instructions or rules followed to complete a task. In computer programming, an algorithm is a set of steps that are followed to complete a task or solve a problem.

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Algorithm Change

Algorithm change is a change to the way a search engine ranks websites. These changes can be small and insignificant, or they can be major game-changers that have a significant impact on search results.

Algorithm changes usually come in three forms: updates, refreshes, and new algorithms. An update is a change to an existing algorithm, a refresh is a re-run of an existing algorithm using the same signals as last time, and a new algorithm is a brand new algorithm that improves search quality in some way.

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