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Web Design – Brisbane small businesses are missing out

Written by Margaret Shakibaie

As a small business owner, you are aware that you should have a website. But how many small businesses take that next step and use a website which promotes their business? Not as many as you think.

Do I really need a website?

Written by Margaret Shakibaie

I have been asked many times, 'Do I really need a website?' My response is “Would you build your house on a piece of land you don’t own?”

Video Content Increases Page Rankings

Written by Margaret Shakibaie

Are you forgetting to offer your website users the best possible user experience with video content, and as a result missing out on valuable brownie points from Google algorithms?

Local Search - Topic 4: Negative Factors for Local Search

Written by Margaret Shakibaie

Negative Factors for Local Search

Today I am going to talk about the things you don’t do. These are not just things that won’t help. These are things that will bring you down in local search. Search engines will actually penalise you for doing these things.

Local Search - Topic 3: Local Organic Search Factors

Written by Margaret Shakibaie

Local Organic Search Factors

Today I am going to talk about the factors that affect your local organic search. Organic search is simply when someone puts a search term into a search engine and the results come up. It is not paid advertising nor the local pack (the top 3 that appear directly under the search bar), but the general results.

Local Search - Topic 1: Overall Local Search Factors

Written by Margaret Shakibaie

Overall Local Search Factors

Welcome to the first video in this series on the topic of Local Search. In today’s video, I will describe the eight factors that SEO experts agree are the most important when optimising for organic local search. When ‘deciding’ which results to display, search engines receive ‘signals’ about your business from wherever your business is mentioned on the internet.

SEO Coach

Written by Margaret Shakibaie

Do you need a SEO Coach?

You have a great idea. You have setup your social media pages and a website. And now what? 

Currently there are millions of websites live on the internet. To achieve any ranking with the search engines relevant to your industry you need to ensure that the website and your social media pages are designed and developed within industry standards.

Website Redesign. Doesn't need to be too hard.

Written by Margaret Shakibaie

Are you on your second or third website, and still not happy?

You are not alone. It is estimated that most business have 3 – 4 websites before they are comfortable with their web presence. This is often because of a number of reasons, including

Other people's business cards? Optimise your Networking Dollar

Written by Margaret Shakibaie
You go to many networking events, and collect lots of business cards. But what happens then? They sit on your desk in a pile and grow and grow.

Eventually you forget where you met the person, what they look like and value you could add to each other persons business. A few specific people stand out but the rest just gather dust on your desk. And that valuable networking dollar is wasted.

Community Organisations Websites - What can it DO?

Written by Margaret Shakibaie

There is no doubt in today’s digital world that any community based organisation requires a website. A website is now much more than an online brochure giving the general public information about your organisation. Your website can build community 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your website can answer questions about who you are and what you do from people who are too afraid to ask. A silent teacher and educator.

Email Marketing. Do it right!

Written by Margaret Shakibaie

Email marketing is a a very powerful marketing medium, but are you DOING IT RIGHT?

Email marketing works, particularly if you have an existing relationship with the members of your mailing list. They may be an existing client, a network connection, someone that you met socially that has passed on their business card, or even someone that sent a simple enquiry through your contact form on your website.

Content is King - but what sort of content?

Written by Margaret Shakibaie

In the words of Bill Gates in 1996, Content is King?

But the question you need to think about is "what type of content".

There are a number of different types of content that you can include in your website to get your message across.

2015 - Is your website up to it?

Written by Margaret Shakibaie

2015 is just about here. But are you ready for it. Or should we say. Is your website ready for it?

You should view your website as an organic process, growing and changing as your business grows and changes. As your business moves into the middle of the second decade of the century, embracing new technology and the needs of your target market is imperative and this should be represented through your website.

Website Content - To Use Stock Photos or Not?

Written by Margaret Shakibaie

Use real people in your website content.

Including photos in your website content is considered good practice.

A good visual website design has a balance of photos and text. It is considered to be good practice to have a photograph of a person in your website content. This is supposed to build trust with the viewer, specifically if you can see their eyes.

Video Testimonials on your Website

Written by Margaret Shakibaie

Do you work with amazing clients -  share their thoughts about you.

A video testimonial is often the missing link connecting your satisfied clients and your prospective clients people researching about your business.

With the advent of Web 2 the marketing direction has changed from you telling your clients how great you are to other people promoting your products and services through various online mediums.