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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing SEO

Your digital presence is how the public view you.
Perception is reality.

How your business is presented in the digital world becomes the world's perception of your business.

Perception is reality.

Digital Marketing is the action required to put it all together.
At The ICT Shak, we can offer packages to suit your budget and needs.

We can either do it all for you or we can create a strategy and show you how you can do the time consuming tasks yourself.

Our holistic approach towards digital marketing SEO starts with an in-depth look at where you are currently placed within the digital arena, and we then meet with you to discuss a strategy and budget that will get you results.

Our relationship with Shak Studios also allows us to assist you with the much needed visual digital content that contributes in defining the public's perception of your business.

Not sure which option is good for your business?

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Local Search

More people are using Local Search to find services and products.

As more businesses are getting online it is getting harder to STANDOUT above the crowd.

SEO is getting more complicated and achieving an organic result is getting harder.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is an important part of the Digital Marketing SEO mix.

You have a great product, offer a great service but you still need more business.

The secret is simple.
Have great content and SHOUT about it.

SEM - Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing or Pay Per Click (PPC) is a fast way of getting traffic to your website.

As opposed to organic SEO the effect of the PPC campaign only lasts as long as the campaign is active.