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Bitmap image

An electronic file that represents an image as a grid of dots (pixels) and specifies the color of each specific dot.


Blog, short for Weblog (a log account on the web), is an article or personal journal diary about the authors life, thoughts and theories, usually updated on a daily or weekly basis.


A program which search engines use to index Website pages.

Box model

A typical way CSS represents characteristics of the concerning Web pages elements , treating each element as a rectangular box with several global properties.

Browser sniffing

A technique of identifying the brand and version of a user of the Website's browser by using a script which asks the browser to identify itself.

Child element

An element nested within another element.


CMS or Content Management System gives management of the website through a online console.


cPanel is a hosting environment platform. The cPanel hosting environment is the industry's most reliable control panel. Giving you ownership to your website, emails and domain management.


Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is used to separate the layout and the look of the HTML code.


Hyper Text Markup Language or HTML is a standardised system used to markup text to visual effects within web browsers.


A widely used Open Source Content Management system. Joomla is very popular for websites with increased functionally allowing for a greater level of functionality and security.


PR, or PageRanking algorithm, was devised by Google to rank websites in search engine results.


The enhancement of your website, which allows visibility within a common, day-to-day search result from a typical search engine.

Target Market

The specific group of consumers to be targetted, which may be seperated by a few key differences, including: age. gender, culture, ect.

Video Testimonials

Filming of a clients review of a product or a service, aimed at promoting trust and empathy more so than a written testimonial.