Development of a Web Strategy

We believe that you, the business owner/manager, should have ownership of your businesses Internet development.

A web strategy is an important element in the Internet development of your business.

At "The ICT Shak" we offer the development of a web strategy streamlined specifically for your business.

What you get:

  • A web strategy document tailored specifically to your business and industry
  • Two 60 minute one-on-one coaching sessions over a three month period
  • Access to a "Members Only" knowledge base on developing your business through the Internet

The Process:

  • We will initially investigate how your business is placed within the Internet market place and explore how your business can utilise these viable opportunities.
  • A web strategy document is developed, highlighting how you can optimise your business Internet presence.
  • This strategy is presented to you within a 60 minute session highlighting the processes required for implementation.
  • Follow up will continue with a further 60 minute session within a 3 month period assessing how the implementation of the web strategy is progressing.

Take control of your businesses Internet Presence.

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