Can I use my own domain for WebMatix?

You can use your own domain for WebMatix, but you will be required to make changes at the domain registrar to your DNS settings. 

As we are a domain re-seller, you can transfer your domain to our management. If you choose to do this, then we will make the necessary changes for the DNS entries. You will need your domain transfer code or EPP code form your existing registrar. 

What do I need before I start my website?

Before you get started with your website, you need to have made a commitment to yourself and your business to have a website, and understand the need.

You will also need to have defined your branding and the image you wish to portray through your website. We can assist you with this.

We recommend that you start surfing the net and really look at the websites you come across, not the content or the business type. Choose 5 different websites. Reflect on the general feel of the website, the personality of the website and if you feel you can align your business to the look and feel of this website. Also notate things you do not like about specific websites.

Gathering content is often the hardest part of developing a website, and we often find that this becomes a time for our clients to define who they are, why they do it and how they do what they do.

We can assist you with this, through the asking of probing questions and well defined questionnaires.
Refer to our Blog on "I’m ready to get started on my website. So What Now?"

Do I need to host my website?

Yes, you will need to have a host for your website.

A website host manages the server that your website is stored and served to the internet.

With our tailored website solutions we include the first 6 months hosting free, and our EasyWeb solutions, using the WebMatix platform incudes free hosting within the monthly charge.

We offer stable, secure, Australian based hosting in a data centre on Sydney. Not all hosting providers offer the same services. You can read more about this on our blog article “Hosting Aint Hosting”.

Read more about our web hosting services.

What is Open Source?

Open source software is where the code of the software is openly available for public access, as opposed to propriety software where the code is often encrypted and not able to be edited. There is usually no license fees to use the software although some developers ask for a “membership fee” to access the support, updates and downloads to assist with the ongoing cost of further development. This is usually minimal in comparison to propriety software.

The major advantage of open-source software is that developers can develop addons and extensions, often freely available, to support the open-source project. Read more about open-source on the following link.

Both WordPress and Joomla are open-source Projects.

How do I transfer my domain?

To transfer your domain you will require your EPP code. The epp code for Australian domains can be retrieved on The WhoIS Australian Domain register and emailed to the domain registrant. For other domains including .com you will need to contact your domain registrar to retrieve the transfer code. Hence why it is important that you have current contact information with the domain registrant.