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eCommerce Optimisation

Optimisation of your eCommerce solution is important to acheive online sales.  Just having an image of the product and the product title will not be enough content to drive traffic to your website and acheive online sales.

We can coach you how to ensure that the search engines index your eCommerce website to achieve the best possible result.

Website Optimisation

The first factor in getting found on search engines is that these search engines know what each page is about. You must ensure that each page of your website is optimised to the specific subject matter of the page. 

To acheive this there are a few technical rules that assist the search engines in defining this subject.

Our coaching sessions will assist in initially optimising your website, and then giving you the skills to managing your website to achieve the best possible results.

We will teach you how to optimise your website for search and then monitor your ROI through Google Analtics and Webmaster tools.


Local Search

As SEO is getting more complicated and achieving an organic result is getting harder, the search engines have made it easier for small local businesses to achieve a good organic search result Local Search Optimisation.

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