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Glossary of Digital Marketing Terms

Digital Glossary

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Name Server

A name server refers to the server component of the Domain Name System (DNS), one of the two principal namespaces of the Internet. The most important function of DNS servers is the translation (resolution) of human-memorable domain names ( and hostnames into the corresponding numeric Internet Protocol (IP) addresses (, the second principal name space of the Internet which is used to identify and locate computer systems and resources on the Internet. Although it is typically used in reference to DNS, the term name server may also be used for any computer application that implements a network service for providing responses to queries against a directory service which translates an often humanly meaningful, text-based identifier to a system-internal, often numeric identification or addressing component. This service is performed by the server in response to a service protocol request.

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Stands for "Network Attached Storage." A typical computer stores data using internal and external hard drives. If the computer is connected to a network, it can share data on its connected hard drives with other systems on the network. While this allows multiple computers to send data back and forth, it requires that each computer share its files individually. Therefore, if a computer is turned off or disconnected from the network, its files will not be available to the other systems.

By using NAS, computers can store and access data using a centralized storage location. Instead of each computer sharing its own files, the shared data is stored on a single NAS server. This provides a simpler and more reliable way of sharing files on a network. Once an NAS server connected to a network (typically via Ethernet), it can be configured to share files with multiple computers on the network. It may allow access to all systems or may provide access to a limited number of authenticated machines.

NAS servers typically contain multiple hard drives, providing a large amount of shared disk space for connected systems to save data. They are often used in business networks, but have become increasing more common in home networks as well. Since NAS uses a centralized storage device, it can be a simple way for family members to share and backup their data.

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Synonyms - Network Attached Storage