RSJoomla: Boost Your Small Business Digital Presence 

The success of a small business website depends on different factors. The consumer or the audience plays an integral role in business development. Real-time communication with customers is essential to meet their expectations. It is vital for all types of small businesses to establish their digital presence. This ensures that the brand has maximum outreach and a steady lead generation formula. Strategies are important in every aspect of a business. This is where RSJoomla can help small business owners take charge of their own websites easily. 

It is important to make sure that your brand has a competitive advantage in the market. RSJoomla has been one of the world's best Joomla Form Builders and advanced security solutions for websites since 2007. 

Introduction to RSJoomla 

RSJoomla is a computer support and services company based in Romania that offers superior quality Joomla extensions to more than 150K customers around the world. The company aims to make the Web a useful tool for everyone with more than hundreds of Joomla Templates. 

It offers all types of paid and free Joomla extensions, modules, plugins, templates and language options. RSJoomla has an exclusive search engine tool on Google to help you find Joomla extensions and templates. This is a great step towards community support to help small businesses grow steadily. 

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The Joomla software is an open-source content management system that enables web developers and designers to create user-friendly websites. Users can monetize, optimize, and create flawless websites with RSJoomla extensions and templates. 

How RSJoomla is Helpful to the Joomla Community 

  • The Joomla community gets instant, real-time, free-to-use open-source CMS extensions and templates to configure websites.
  • Users can set up e-commerce websites with RSJoomla extensions, modules and templates. Also, they can add custom extensions for better safety, user interface and personalized shopping experience.
  • RSJoomla extensions and templates offer Joomla websites with utmost data safety and security features. There are additional PHP scripting options to create custom website codes. Additionally, RSJoomla extensions can reduce server load and increase Joomla website processing speed significantly. 
  • RSJoomla extensions are specially built for Joomla websites. Furthermore, Joomla is compatible with all browsers and search engines.
  • RSJoomla offers the Joomla community built-in caching features to increase Joomla website loading speed.
  • Users can create and customize Joomla websites without logging in to the backend with the help of RSJoomla extensions and templates. 

A Review of the RSJoomla Templates

RSJoomla has templates for all types of Joomla websites. It can feature websites for the following: 

  • Agencies 
  • Businesses 
  • Corporate sector
  • Creative content  
  • Blogs
  • Events 
  • Multipurpose 
  • RSPageBuilder! integration 
  • Medical  

For all your Joomla template needs

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Some of the common RSJoomla Templates include: 


The perfect template to design websites for hotels, hostels and other accommodation-related websites or applications on Joomla. Get the ultimate professional touch!

RSClario! 2.0 

This is a responsive Joomla template for both individuals and businesses to share and highlight premium content or portfolios with a modern touch. Get this flexible Joomla website template for built-in RSPageBuilder! integration. 


This Joomla template is for all types of health organizations including medical clinics, doctors, hospitals and all types of healthcare services. It has a responsive layout with animated header elements and several other features. 

RSEvento! 2.0 

This is a Joomla-based event manager template with a fresh design to highlight powerful website features. It retells the overall website browsing experience. You can add RSEvents!Pro for optimal customer engagement and conversions from business websites. 

Other Templates 

For all your Joomla template needs

Check out RSJoomla

There is a wide list of RSJoomla templates like RSEdimo!, RSTrone!, RSVario!, RSLibro!, RSShanti!, RSBrixton!, RSJuno! 2.0 and many more. These templates have unique layouts and features to help optimize Joomla websites for specific business needs. 

Extensions Offered by RSJoomla 

RSJoomla offers more than 7500 different extensions for Joomla websites. There are 5 common types of Joomla extensions and they offer advanced functionality. The 5 extensions include components, modules, plugins, templates and languages. Let us glance through some exclusive RSJoomla extensions: 


A must-have extension for all web developers. Some of the features of this extension include responsive layouts, Zurb foundation, multilingual, conditional field forms, map submissions, pop-up calendars with time slots, CAPTCHA and reCAPTCHA and more. 


Joomla event management is easier with in-built solutions on the RSEvents!Pro extension. It offers Google maps integration, intuitive forms for event addition, multiple event-listing layouts, global and local discounts, shopping cart options, several payment gateways, printable tickets and more. 

For all your Joomla template needs

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This is the most advanced security solution to protect Joomla websites from vulnerabilities. RSFirewall! scans files, password protects files, checks core file integrity, blocks access to specific countries, finds and fixes bugs and folder permissions and automatically blocks website-attacking IPs.  


The best RSJoomla extension that enables website optimization for search engines. RSSEO helps Joomla websites to index pages with site crawling, activates cookie law notification, integrates Google Analytics, generates HTML and XML sitemaps, monitors keyword positioning and checks for competitors. 


Create custom email campaigns, organize subscribers into list format and improve workflow with RSMail! This extension helps Joomla websites import subscribers from CSV files and control bounced emails. It also helps to generate email campaign track reports, create newsletter message templates, modules include newsletter subscriptions, control email bounce rate and more. 

Other Extensions 

Other common extensions on RSJoomla include RSMembership!, RSTickets!Pro, RSFiles!, RSDirectory!, RSComments!, RSMediaGallery! RSFeedback!, RSSearch!, RSSocial! and many more. These extensions have different functionalities to help improve the performance and rank of your Joomla website. 

For all your Joomla template needs

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Small businesses have ample workload to manage. In the hustle and bustle, one can unintentionally overlook some of the most crucial components of business development. RSJoomla has the widest range of extensions, modules, components, and templates to help brand owners create effective business Joomla websites. Make the most of your small business, maintain a competitive edge, rank for SERPs and custom design exclusive websites easily. Additionally, RSJoomla extensions help a website to automate, analyze and improve processes for utmost customer satisfaction and employee retention.

Establish your brand’s digital presence and get a sublime website and application experience with RSJoomla!