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Website Visual Design

Creating Websites - Visual Design

showcase1The visual design of a website is one of the major considerations of a good website resulting in the promotion of your small business with an online presence.

A good visual website design will have a balance between a striking visual impact and relative content encouraging the viewer to enter the website and look around.

A website should be considered as a virtual shopfront, with just enough street presence to make the passing customer enter. The visual website design must be relevant to the business using a good balance between visual effects and relevant content.

 When considering a visual website design there are a number of things to consider. These would include

  • A colour scheme
  • A font scheme
  • Page layout
  • A general theme for images and embellishments
  • A navigation theme and structure

We offer visual website designs ranging from a generic website design for a static website though to customised templates for content management systems (CMS) made specifically to your requirements. Customised Joomla templates and Wordpress themes allow for the application of branding and your small businesses individuality within your CMS website.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation is often not thought about in the visual website design phase of many website projects. The visual design of a website is irrelevant to a search engine search-bot and care must be taken that the design doesn't override the search-ability of a website. Again, that balance is required for a well optimised visual website design.