Security Updates

Over the last few years, incidents of hacking have significantly increased with WordPress and, to a lesser extent, Joomla websites becoming a target. The developers of WordPress and Joomla work hard to develop security updates that will effectively protect your website from security breaches. However, if the update is not installed on your website you will not benefit from this protection. You need to know how to install security updates for WordPress or Joomla properly to maximize the protection of your website. Installing the update will ensure your website is protected from hackers.

Hacking can lead to a range of problems that may ultimately impact your profitability:

  • The website not displaying correctly
  • Redirection links displaying in the website to other websites
  • Uploading unwanted content on your website such as adult content and related material
  • Blacklisting by Google

Other effects of not keeping your website updated to the latest versions include reduced functionality with the website not functioning as expected due to changes in device operating systems, browsers and hosting environments.

Our goal is to keep our clients website operating effectively at all times; we have developed a special package (Option 1 below) but there are other options you can select – please see below.
Please Note: This service is only available to clients who are hosting their website with us.

Option 1: Twice Yearly Service: For the low price of $198 (paid twice yearly) subscribe regular services, we will ensure that your CMS website is kept updated always and we will monitor it for potential hacks. If a hack should occur, we will fix the issues at no extra cost for your ultimate peace of mind.

Included in this service is

  • Updating the core CMS application (WordPress or Joomla)
  • Updating additional installed components and plugins
  • Creating an offsite backup, stored for 6 months
  • Installing a firewall component and
  • Ongoing monitoring of the firewall

To use this service, follow this

Option 2: Once Yearly Service: If you decide to only take up the option to do the update once yearly instead of the recommended twice yearly, we will still offer the same price, $198 (paid once) but should a hack occur you will be responsible to pay to have any issues fixed.

To use this service, follow this

Option 3: Do it Yourself: If you feel confident to manage the website yourself and have time to do so, you can apply these updates through the admin panel of the website. We would encourage you to complete a backup prior to applying these updates.

Ultimately your choice of options 1, 2 or 3 above will depend upon the time you have available as well as your confidence to organise the updates yourself and to respond to any security breaches that arise.


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