Website Hosting

Domain registration and web hosting are the pivot to your online presence. Ownership of these two basic building blocks is important to your integrity and online authority.

Do you know where your domain is registered, and do you have access to the domain for renewal and management. Our online billing portal offers management of your domain, your web hosting environment and your email management in one convenient location.

How We Do Hosting

Website hosting

Register your domain

Your domain is the foundation of your online presence. At the very point of the upside-down pyramid of your online presence is your domain name. It is the foundation of your website and emails.  If your domain expires your website and domain-based emails will not be accessible. It is imperative you have complete ownership of your domain.

Email Hosting

Your email address is as important as your website address. Many businesses, although they have a website address and related domain, use either Gmail or Hotmail for their business email address. This reduces the professionalism of your business.