Why use Australian Web Hosting?

Web hosting is an integral ingredient in making your website live. There are a lot of web hosting services available, but the decision about choosing the most suitable provider for your website is really a tough one. Ensure that you get a fast web hosting service along with the presence of other integral factors including increased load speed, security and local support.

Reasons of Choosing Australian Web Hosting:

Here are some of the reasons that using Australian web hosting or particularly local hosting would be a plus to your internet presence.

Server location:

Targeting Australian audiences? Then have your website hosted on Australian servers.

If your server is in the same country as the targeted traffic, your data will be fetched at a higher speed, therefore your website will load faster. Technically the latency of the data transfer increases as the distance increases between the request from the user’s browser to the web server and back.

In addition, the country location of your IP address has an impact on your search rankings for that location. Matt Cutts answers this very same question on the following YouTube clip. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hXt23AXlJJU  It just makes sense that an Australian business website is hosted on a hosting server geographically located in Australia. 

Fast Web hosting:

There is no question that your business website needs fast web hosting.

Firstly, because it can impact the page ranking of your website. Google has indicated many times that page speed is a factor in their page ranking algorithm. Specifically measuring the time to first byte. A faster website will generally have a higher page ranking.

Secondly, you want to offer the best user experience to your users. You can be at risk of losing customers because of the slow loading times. Research indicates that there is a direct correlation between website load time and conversion rates.   

Thirdly, Google allocates a certain amount of time to index your website and learn about each page’s topic. Each time the search bot visits your website, it will index more pages and traverse deeper into the content of each page. A slow loading website will hinder the index-ability of your website, therefore have a negative effect on your potential page rankings.

Australian Email Hosting:

Domain based email address is essential to the professionalism of a business.

You can either use a third-party provider like Office 365 for your domain-based emails, or you can incorporate these into your cPanel Hosting.

Emails have now become the life blood of business and with-out adequate support for your email system your business can be seriously disrupted. Local hosting support means that you will be able to speak to your hosting provider with quick response time in cases of email issues.  So, make sure that you know who is hosting your domain and ensure that it includes email support as required.

Reliable Web Hosting:

Another feature of the Australian website hosting is reliability. It is an important factor as it ensures that your website is accessible every time your visitors try to reach it with minimal downtimes.  

International hosting providers can be reliable, but It makes good sense to minimize the number of external nodes that are accessed in the transfer of the data. A user opening an Australian hosted website might only have 5 hops to the web server, whereas a user in Australia opening a website hosting in a US based server can have as many as 30 hops. Each hop is on a third party-based node within the network and is as risk of minor disruptions.  The increase of hops to load a website decreases the overall reliability of the hosting per user. Therefore, it makes sense to host a website in the same geographical location as most of the users of the website.

Web Hosting Security

Protection against hacking is an important factor in choosing a hosting company. It is important that your web hosting provider takes proper security and safety measures to keep your data (and your client’s data) secured in every instance.

If not regularly updated regularly, many CMS web platforms such as WordPress, have security vulnerabilities.  Strong firewalls will block most attempts to gain access to your website through backdoors and these security vulnerabilities.

A local and proactive web hosting company will know you and your website and will work with you to reduce these vulnerabilities. Malware scanning and server monitoring in conjunction with off-site backups are a must to give you peace of mind.

Australian Web Hosting Support:

One of the best features of using Australian web hosting services for Australian business websites is that you can expect local support in any of the issues that you’ll face in regard to your hosting.

Local people can understand your language and other problems that you could be experiencing. There is no time difference between yourself the support team, and the support team will be familiar with you and your website.

Often support issues are often mitigated before they happen as a result of this strong relationship you will have with your local host. Another good reason to use local Australian Hosting service.

Web Hosting features:

As your business grows you might have some specific needs and increased functionality depending on the type of business website you are hosting. Additional memory and CPU requirements, along with additional features may be required.

A local web hosting company will be able to customize your package to suit your requirements.  


If you have a business or organization that is targeting an audience in Australia, then you should be using Australian based web hosting.

The benefits of this are related to both the user experience of the website through reliability and site speed, security of your website through local support and personal knowledge of your business and website.

We can provide you with fast Australian web hosting along with the best features when it comes to packages, functionality and support. Get started with an Australian Hosting package.


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