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Search engine optimisation is an essential strategy to maintain a good and functional website. Effective SEO techniques strengthen a website for better ranking on search engine results pages and different types of SEO techniques are employed for better performance of a website based on valuable data and insight.

Google is smart and uses different SEO techniques to analyse and understand websites for search results, relevancy, page speed, keywords and rankings. There are different parameters to apply SEO practices for optimal results. One of the advanced SEO techniques is SEO content writing techniques for higher visibility and attracting organic traffic.

It is crucial to look into on-page on and off-page SEO factors for better ranking and increased search visibility for website traffic. Let us glance through some of the best SEO techniques to improve rankings and drive more organic traffic.

Top 10 SEO Techniques to Drive Organic Traffic

1. Formulate an Effective Content Marketing Strategy

A strong content marketing strategy is essential. Primary and secondary keywords in the metadata should be employed. The keyword should have an appropriate density well distributed throughout the content. The content should have a reasonable word count and maintain great readability. A content marketing strategy helps to plan the content of a website accordingly. Competitor and market analysis give an idea regarding the appropriate keywords to incorporate within the content. This ensures that a website is trending based on relevancy and has a high ranking on search engines.

2. Implement Long-Tail Keywords in Title Tags and Content

Long-tail keywords are specific key phrases that users frequently use for information or action. These are helpful for voice search relevancy and enables Google to discover and rank content or websites better based on the implementation of long-tail keywords within headings, alt images, content, subheadings or more.

3. Keep Updating Older Content on Your Website

SEO-friendly website content gives businesses the opportunity to repurpose their original work for many platforms, users and purposes. There are different ways to identify if a blog or a web page has declining traffic due to outdated content. To avoid this scenario, businesses have to determine what users want and remodel their existing content to offer solutions to their pain points. Stay ahead of the curve and recreate your old content for maximum impact on the audience with the best SEO techniques to improve rankings.

4. Optimise Content to Answer User’s Queries Directly

Search engine results pages show what the audience is looking for (search intent) and want the website or the blog to directly address the pain points and provide the users with solutions. The "People Also Ask" section is a crucial SEO factor that helps websites to rank better. Optimising the content to directly answer user queries also act as a trigger for query refinement to other relevant questions. It enforces lead conversion of the visitors to a brand’s website.

5. Aim to Optimise Content for Google Featured Snippet

Sometimes Google crawls websites and finds snippets or page descriptions are placed before the web page link. These are called featured snippets and this format helps different systems identify relatable topics and discover new content easily. Google featured snippets are highly applicable for mobile device searching and voice searching. Since featured snippets appear on web search listings, Google determines if a featured snippet is search-request friendly and highlights it. Incorporating relevant keywords or long-tail keywords as featured snippets for websites and products are a great way to optimise the content and improve search rankings to target a larger volume of the audience with high lead conversion probabilities.

6. Research Top Competitors Pages and Try to Recreate a Better Version

Competitor analysis provides complete insight into the best and trending pages and their performance-related data and optimises the website better. It is a great way to identify the primary source of organic traffic for the top-performing pages of a competitor's website. The analysis highlights important points of focus like keyword gap, linking strategies and offers the opportunity to improve the SEO strategy for your website's content. It is important to maintain a unique presentation of the content in alignment with the brand value.

7. Use Shareable Content like Infographics on Your Blog Pages

A shareable blog is a great choice because it allows users to help spread your words without your effort. If the content is relatable and valuable to the audience then the chances of sharing increase automatically. It is essential to employ mobile-responsive design for websites to help optimise search engine rankings and improve target marketing and improve user engagement. Infographics, newsletters and similar engaging content within a blog or on the website to help the audience take an action or interact improve ranking chances, ensure high lead conversions and increase brand awareness.

8. Using Video Content

Vlogs are better than blogs because not all your audience has the time and patience to read through paragraphs at times. Since every smartphone user is online 24x7, vlogs or short video content are highly engaging and impactful for the audience. There are advanced SEO techniques to optimise vlogs and videos for core web vitals like safe-browsing, HTTPS, mobile-friendliness and intrusive interstitials that opens a portal of excellent opportunities for brands.

9. Write Blog Posts on Current Topics in Your Niche

The relevancy of the content helps to create an emotional value within the audience group. Websites that offer information and engage their audience in different digital activities have a larger customer base than other competitors. The secret is engaging and recent blog topics, vlogs, newsletters or infographics within the brand niche. It helps to target the audience better, improves the rank on search engine results pages and creates a strong audience base for lead conversion.

10. Ensure that Your Blog Contents are Longer than 1400 Words for Increasing Authority

It is not mandatory to post long articles but if you want to post long blogs then they should be targeted for 1400 words or more. It helps to increase authority in search volumes based on the density of keyword distribution. Effective search engine optimisation strategies need to be employed to create valuable blogs that engage the audience.

Hiring an SEO agency for small business is beneficial in many ways. It helps to optimise the website and the content for user value and interest and drive more organic traffic in the long run with applicable modifications. Rank your website and content on the top of SERPs!

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