Web Coaching

Web Coaching

Management of a website can be a daunting task but to ensure your website grows in parallel with your business you need to take ownership of your website and internet presence.

At The ICT Shak, we offer web coaching in Brisbane for existing clients and new clients that feel they need more control in ownership of their website and internet presence. We work on the premise of "I do, We do, You do" allowing us to walk the path with you.......

In our web coaching session we include both technical and marketing items such as

  • how to measure your ROI (return on Investment ) of your website
  • how to submit your site to the search engines
  • how to include tracking code for Google analytics
  • what SEO elements are required for a website
  • how to add in these SEO elements
  • how to increase readability of your website content
  • how to ensure the formatting is consistent across your website


We compliment this with a Web Strategy designed especially for your business and then work with you to achieve optimum results for your business website returns.