Three Types of Content to Dramatically Improve your Website
Have you just created your website and want to dramatically increase your traffic? There is definitely no short cut to it, but there are ways to increase your rankings through search engines to give your website more leverage than the others.
Want to know the secret??  It is the CONTENT. Yes, engaging content, relevant content , and informative content is the only way you can dramatically improve your website. Let’s discuss the importance of good web content and the types of content that can help you in earning a significant position in the search engine.
 Why Good Content is Important? Here are some of the reasons to show the importance of good website content:

How different types of content works in Improving your website

Using different types of web content developed specifically for the target audience will appeal to a range of preferred learning types. Some of your audience will prefer visual content such as images, infographics and text, while others will prefer the audio from embedded podcasts and videos. By using different web content types in your marketing strategy you will 

Increase Engagement with the Reader

An article written in a friendly tone and simple wording is going to help readers to sort out the problem for which they have initiated a search. When they’ll feel that your content is understanding them, they are going to feel engaged and stay longer on your website. The chances of a repeat visit can also increase as a result.


Good content with factual and relevant information can help in creating a trust element with the visitors too. They’ll come to your website again and again due to this “trust” factor. Show you are an expert in your field by writing informative blog posts that support your product or service. 


SEO – Search Engines

The entire index-ability of your website and its SEO is based on your content. Properly written content with good readability score can trigger the search engines to rank your website at the top. Good, high quality content is still king when it comes to SEO.


Types of Web Content:

There are three basic types of content. We are discussing each of its types so that you can use it on your website and get the drastic improvement in your ranking. Make sure to take care of the content quality while using any of these content types.

Professionally Written Text

Text is the basic form of content. With written content you use words to express your thoughts and present your opinion. While writing the content, make sure that it is free from grammatical errors and easy to understand. Break up the long form content using paragraphs and bullet points making the textual content easy to scan. 


Professional Photos and images

The second type of content that you can use on your website is professional photos. A picture can help in creating more engagement. When used with content, pictures can hook up the visitors of your website for a little longer, which can be an effective strategy for influencing the visitors to read the content. Make sure to include professional photos on your website. Random pictures without meaning will neither be liked by the user nor Google.


Multimedia Content

The third content category that can help you in improving the ranking of your website dramatically is the use of interactive content on the form of videos, podcasts and quizzes. Over time, the use of multimedia as website content is increasing, so you can be a part of this growing trend for attracting more visitors to your website. Adding humour and emotions in videos and podcasts can help in creating better overall engagement to your website visitors, and always have the transcript available to assist in indexing of the page. 

The three content types discussed above are the basic content types that you can utilise. Make sure to utilise them well for the best result.


In conclusion, the importance of quality content in improving your website cannot be overstated. Engaging your audience with professionally written text, eye-catching images, and interactive multimedia content is the key to increasing engagement, building trust, and boosting your website's search engine ranking. Now, it's time to take action. Review your website's content and ensure it aligns with these principles. Make the necessary improvements and watch your website rise above the rest. Don't hesitate; the time for action is now! If you need assistance or have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at 07 3103 3133 or through our contact form. Your website's success is just a step away.


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