Custom Web Design Solutions

Custom Web Design Solutions

Custom Web Development and Design - Building Smarter websites for Smarter Businesses.

We can build you a custom website that can help your business achieve its goals.
Any Style, Any Industry, Any Functionality.

A website is an important tool in your business. It works 24 hours a day, seven days a week, giving your prospective clients a better understanding of your brand and business, whilst working as a lead generator and ultimately a sales tool.  

At "The ICT Shak" we offer a Content Management System as a base for our custom web design allowing for growth on a solid expandable foundation.

All our custom web design packages offer a complete customised Joomla or Wordpress Content Management System as we won't compromise a minimum standard of ownership for our clients.

There are many reasons a business will have a website. And the solution offered needs to meet these needs.

Before we offer a custom web design solution we need to meet with you, preferably in person, or if this is not suitable, then through a web meeting or teleconference. We are conveniently located in Brisbane Bayside.

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We have one simple agenda. To provide the best possible website solution within your budget.

We Deliver this through a Simple Process

An Initial Meeting

In this initial meeting we determine the “Why” “How” “When” “Where” “What” and “Who” of the required website. We can then offer a custom website design solution that meets these needs.

Architectural Design, and Content

The website design is how the website works and feels. A wireframe and sitemap is developed and signed off ready for implementation. All required content, including visual content and elements are defined.


The fun part starts with the build of the website. At this stage the Architectural design has been set, and the content has been supplied. Any additional visual elements will be added as required.

Testing and Upload

You now get to see the website and be involved in the fine tuning and testing of the website. All functionally and links are tested, and the website is tested on different devices, and within different browsers. The website is then uploaded, and final testing takes place. Minor changes are made from 30 days of the site going live.


A hand over meeting is arranged, again either in person, by web conference or on the telephone. You are given all the required passwords to manage the website, and any included training is completed.

Just the Beginning

This is now just the beginning of the life cycle of your website. As the website is indexed by Google and data is gathered, now is the time to develop a strategy to optimise your digital presence. We offer various packages from coaching you to manage your website to full website management and Digital Marketing.

We ask questions like

“Why do you want a website?”

What are the goals and outcomes you want from your new website?

“How do you intend to manage the website?”

Do you intend to manage the website yourself, or did you want a fully managed solution?

“When do you want the website live?”

What time frame did you have in mind?

“Where do you intend hosting the website?”

Do you have existing hosting, or are you planning on using our web hosting services? We always include 6 months free hosting with our custom website packages.

“What do you want the website to do for you?”

Did you want additional functionality? For example, e-commerce, membership portal, document management systems, newsletter and mailing list functionality.

“Who is responsible for content, visual elements, images etc?

Do you already have existing branding? Are you going to provide the content and visual elements? Or do you want us to do it all?

How much? How long is a piece of string?

Our custom websites start at $2500 depending on the full requirements of the client. We build a website to designed to your needs.

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