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We are proud of our work and like to show it off.

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

Steve Jobs

All web sites below have been designed and built by The ICT Shak. We are proud to be part of these website projects. Some of these sites have had the visual design supplied by the client or have been developed in conjunction with graphic artists.

Others we have completed using the clients current branding as a basis to the visual design. We often use our referral partners to develop the visual concept; we then turn this visual design into a living breathing website after the architectural design has been developed.

Building Sandcastles in the Sky

Sandcastles is a Moral Education Resource Bank

www.sandcastles.org.auPeople all over the world are concerned about the moral and spiritual education of their children. In homes, Neighbourhood Children Classes, the school class room and Sunday Schools moral education resources are created by teachers and parents, used, sometimes shared but often shelved.

The owner of Sandcastles had an idea for these resources to be shared over the Internet, and "Building Sandcastles in the Sky" was created.

The ICT Shak used a combination of technologies to create the application. These included Joomla supported by a document management system and membership component, allowing for different levels of membership on the website.

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