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SEM - Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing or Pay Per Click (PPC) is a fast way of getting traffic to your website. As opposed to organic SEO the effect of the PPC campaign only lasts as long as the campaign is active.

We recommend our Search Engine Marketing services only to clients that wish for instant results while optimising your website for organic search.

You can drive sales with a strong PPC strategy. Focusing on both Google Ads and Bing Ads, ensure that you are getting the best bang for your money.

PPC Management Services

Maximise your ROI with with accurate conversion reports measuring traffic originating from all platforms, not just the PPC campaigns.

No two businesses are alike. Therefore, before we commence on any SEM campaigns we like to meet with you to define your goals and determine that best way we can assist you achieve optimum results.

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*A typical Google ads campaign set-up is $3 300 plus ongoing management fees.

While the PPC campaigns are working for you it is time to work on your Organic Search results

You can do this in various ways, whether you do it in-house or you engage us to do it for you, we will be there accompanying you in the process.

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