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You have a great product, offer amazing service but you still need more business.

The secret is simple. Have great content and SHOUT about it.

There are many places on the internet to shout about who you are, what you do and to showcase your products and services.

This is where digital content marketing strategy comes into play.

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As business owners, we tend to only share our content when time permits, or if something interesting pops up.

Our Digital Content Marketing Packages takes your products, ideas and concepts and turn them into great, shareable content.
We then boost your Digital Footprint by spreading your message online.
Our regular content planning meeting turns haphazard posting into strategic, planned promotion of your business.

Setup Social Media Platforms

Once your Social Media Platforms are setup or you have completed a Digital Makeover to ensure you are on brand, we can start creating and marketing your great content. Choose a Digital Content Marketing Package to suit your budget.

Setup: Google My Business

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Setup Cost

  • Claim page under your GMB listing
  • Verification initiated
  • Link to website
  • Add in supplied branding
  • Optimise for search

Setup: YouTube Channel

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Setup Cost

  • Setup YouTube Channel associated with the clients GMB page
  • Optimise Chanel for Search
  • Add in supplied branding to Chanel art
  • Ensure it is linked to other Google platforms under same account
  • Upload up to 2 (supplied) videos optimised for search

Setup: Facebook Page

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Setup Cost

  • Setup page under your business account
  • Link to website
  • Add in supplied branding
  • Optimise for search

Setup: Instagram Page

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Setup Cost

  • Setup page under your business account
  • Link to website
  • Add in supplied branding
  • Optimise for search

Do you need a Digital Footprint Audit

Before you get started, you need to ask yourself "Do you have a strong brand or do you need to look at developing your brand for Content Marketing on Social Media?"

The age old cliche "Perception is Reality" is becoming more real in our Digital World and the era of Social Media.
Your Digital Footprint needs to be true to your brand and values of your business.

As your business grows and develops your public persona can evolve.
Over time your Digital Footprint can become a mishmash of branding with variations of logos and styles.

In the Digital World it now takes at least 7 touches to create trust to enable someone to act on a call to action.

Brand consistency across your Digital Footprint helps build that trust.

Our Digital Footprint Makeover ensures your branding is applied uniformly across all aspects of your Digital Footprint keeping you true to brand both visually and inline with your business values.

Digital Footprint Makeover

Our Digital Footprint Makeover aligns your brand, digital persona and your desired outcomes with your digital footprint.

We look at your current online presence, and compare this with your branding and style guide. Ensuring true brand consistency.

  • Analysis of your current digital footprint
  • Highlight any inconsistencies with your branding style guide
  • Ensure all Social Media platforms are consistent with your branding style guide
  • Setup Social Media platforms if required
  • Complete a reskin of your website if required

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