Small Business SEO Coaching

Small Business SEO Coaching

Small business SEO is not rocket science. It is about giving your users the best result for their search term. And making sure that the search engines know which is the best search term for each page on your website.

It seems Google is always changing the rules, but every change they make is to achieve a better, more relevant search result for the searcher, offering them the best user-experience. So if your website is not mobile friendly then it won't come up in Google mobile search. Or if you are a local plumber in Brisbane, you won't come up in searches for "Adelaide Plumber".

So how does Google know what the page is about. Recent developments in AI (Artificial Intelligence) allows the Google's search bots to determine the "topic" of a web page as it is being crawled, and it them indexes that page for keywords related to that topic.

The introduction of Local Search has made it even easier for small local businesses to achieve good page rankings within their service area, as Google takes the location of the searcher into account when serving search results.

Our small business SEO Coaching packages, bundled with a comprehensive website analysis and strategy will get you started in managing your SEO in-house.

Learn the basics of Local SEO, including on-site and off-site search optimisation. What keywords are and how to use them to optimise your website.

SEO Coaching

So now you have a website, whats next.

You need to be sure that Google knows what each page is about so it can compare your site with similar sites to give their users the best result for their search term.

We provide websites audits and work with you to rectify any technical issues on the website before you start with a content strategy.

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Small Business SEO Coaching is the start your business needs.

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