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 It was a lucky day for me when I chose Margaret from the ICT Shak, to design my website. Margaret offers a wonderfully comprehensive service. She took the time to meet with me in person, to find what really made me tick, so my website would represent me, and what I wanted my business to stand for. While I didn't expect it, Margaret also took the time to offer some creative suggestions. The result has been my original concept has been bought to life in my website, in more ways than I would have thought possible. I receive nothing but positive feedback about my website and can not recommend Margaret enough. She is 100% committed to her business and provides exceptional services, before, during and after the sales phase, with an integrity that is beyond reproach.

Karen Muggleton People Alignment

People Alignmrnt web design

This website shows a new fresh look for an old website. This project was a reskin of the original Joomla website completed by us in 2012. As the site is built in Joomla we can give the site a fresh look, whilst retaining all existing functionality and url structure.

Karen also took the opportunity to rebrand with a logo and new business cards, which were developed in conjunction with a local graphic designer.