Jasper AI Content Writer: Future of Content Marketing

Content marketing is a crucial digital marketing strategy that helps your brand to target a larger audience and boost lead conversion. Informative and interactive content help the audience to stay on your website longer. It also increases the brand's social media following base across different platforms. The benefits of content marketing are innumerable.

Trendy content gives the opportunity to attract more traffic and generate more leads. Original content with a call-to-action have proven results for increasing the customer base for small businesses. Most importantly, search engine optimized content helps the brand website to rank better on Google and other search engines. If your website is on the top of the search list, it is easier for the audience to visit your website.

What is Jasper AI?

Jasper, formerly known as Jarvis is an artificial intelligence software tool that can create content automatically. It is a revolutionary tool that enables you to automatically create social media posts, blogs, eBooks, newsletters, landing page content, ads and more.

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Jasper AI uses machine learning to automatically generate enticing copies, marketing emails and more. The software was released in January 2021 by CEO, Dave Rogenmoser. It is one of the best copywriting tools in the market with trusted reviews.

Jasper has been approved and trusted by behemoths like IBM, logitech, Google, HarperCollins, airbnb and more. The world's best SEO and digital marketing response experts have helped Jasper AI to create original and creative content in seconds.

Jasper AI Features

Generates Original Content

The software can create educational blogs that are plagiarism-free and keyword-rich for maximum impact on the audience. 99.99% of the content generated by Jasper AI is original and safe to use.

Interested in giving Jasper a go?

Receive 10,000 bonus credits when you sign up with the link below.

Quicker Drafts

It takes a human around 1 non-stop hour to write a 1000 word article. Jasper AI can create the same or even better content 5x times faster. So, you can prepare the 1st draft of a 1000-word article well within 10 minutes.

Long-Form Assistant

Jasper AI can create longer articles, promotional content, ad copies, social media posts with long-form assistant.

No Language Barriers

There are more than 25 language options for you to create intriguing content clearly in your native tongue. You can write emails with subject lines, create video scripts, or improve an existing content with the Content Improver settings in Jasper AI.

Interested in giving Jasper a go?

Receive 10,000 bonus credits when you sign up with the link below.

Real-Time SEO Score Checker

Jasper has inbuilt SEO technology that suggests keywords, titles, and more to help improve the content score for high SERP results.

Additional Features

Jasper AI has different subscription plans for users and offers top-notch customer service. It has the most intuitive user interface to offer the users a seamless experience. There is a 5-day free trial offer and a 7-day money-back guarantee offer on subscription cancellation based on terms and policies.

Who Can Use Jasper AI?

This tool can be used by:

  • Struggling bloggers
  • Small business owners
  • YouTubers
  • Social media managers
  • SEO marketers
  • Academics and essayists

Benefits of Using Jasper AI

Rank the Content for SEO

Duplicate content causes copyright issues that can significantly affect the website ranking and lead conversion rates. Jasper requires some brief input like keywords, content brief, and title to create long-format content that are 100% plagiarism-free. The annual Boss Mode plan is the ideal Jasper AI subscription choice.

Interested in giving Jasper a go?

Receive 10,000 bonus credits when you sign up with the link below.

Extensive Content Template Variations

Jasper AI has more than 50 copywriting templates on the dashboard that helps to create any type of content you want. Some of the common templates include PAS framework, AIDA framework, sentence expander, product description, blog topic ideas, content improver, Facebook Ads, Quora answers and more.

Faster & Improved Content Marketing

It is easier to scale up the content marketing strategies with Jasper AI. You can simply repurpose content in any language. Also, if you are stuck on a blank page, Jasper AI can write innovative copies for you within minutes. For example, if you struggle to write 4 blogs in a month, Jasper makes it easy to write 12 blogs in a month. The tone and writing style are friendly and natural so there’s no problem in understanding.

 Boosts Social Media Engagement

Jasper AI gives the opportunity to a small business or active website to create social media posts regularly. Social media content helps to generate revenue and increase your customer base. While it is not easy to come up with ideas for social media posts, Jasper AI can not only come up with innovative ideas but create plagiarism-free social media posts within seconds.

Interested in giving Jasper a go?

Receive 10,000 bonus credits when you sign up with the link below.

Improves Ad Conversions

Since Jasper AI can write content within seconds, it is easier to test more copy variations with 50+ content templates to increase your brand's sales and improve the Return on Ad Spend.


Overall, Jasper AI has a promising future in content marketing and helps writers to break through the writer’s block with the assistance of a robot. The risks of making mistakes are reduced when writing with Jasper AI. You do not have to worry about copyright issues and you do not have to spend hours behind writing effective content. Jasper uses GPT-3 technology by OpenAI to create high-conversion content without hiring a writer. This saves your upfront costs and also gives you desirable results to achieve your purpose.


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