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Amid the daily grind of operations, businesses can often get overwhelmed in handling orders, payments and maintaining client data on spreadsheets or QuickBooks. If you are looking for a cost-effective way to automate your business easily, then WHMCS or Web Host Manager Complete Solution can be a good choice.

This is a great tool that helps you to offer value-added services to customers. Small businesses can save time and upfront costs if they automate a part of their business processes. It is a great way to stay competitive, maintain consumer relationships, and safeguard your data.

Maximize business operations and boost management processes with the excellent WHMCS software. It saves time, automates billing and offers web hosting domain registrar choices. Also, it is equipped with additional support tools and is user-friendly, developer-friendly and highly secure.

Take control of your business with WHMCS business automation and take your brand to the next level!

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What is WHMCS?

WHMCS is a fully-featured software suite for client management panels. It is also a billing and support interface for web hosting businesses.

 Matt Pugh, a web host, invented WHMCS that quickly became the favorite web hosting automation platform for web developers. WHMCS is compatible with more than 200 top control panels and service providers including cPanel, Plesk and Enom.

WHMCS has an accessible management interface. It can provide and manage customer sign up, service provision and management. It is a powerful hosting management tool for developers, agencies and resellers. Small businesses who want to streamline their process and expand their digital presence can integrate WHMCS software for optimal benefits.

 The starting subscription plan for WHMCS is USD$ 15.95/month for an average of 250 clients. However, the price can vary depending on the number of clients or branding options on board. Since WHMCS is self-hosted, it will host your own website server. Hence, this requires server setup costs to host panels for clients.

Interested in giving WHMCS a go?

Receive a 30-day Money Back Guarantee

WHMCS Features

The tool offers feature-rich client management solutions. WHMCS allows web hosting providers to completely integrate a functional cart system for their websites. It can automatically create a user account to manage different operations. The onboarding is a fast and simple process that can save hours of manual work. Some of the features of WHMCS include:

  • Order management
  • Customer support
  • Reports
  • Domain registration
  • Billing management
  • Fraud management

Apart from cPanel account configuration, WHMCS can help to automate business provisioning on:

  • VPS hosting
  • VPN accounts
  • Domains
  • Game servers
  • Email accounts

It also has third-party add-ons in the panel known as WHMCS modules. The modules can be integrated with other WHMCS support systems to add other services quickly. It is a great way to expand the extensive list of panel functions.

Interested in giving WHMCS a go?

Receive a 30-day Money Back Guarantee


Billing & Automation

Online businesses face many challenges with payment options. However, the advent of WHMCS helps to maintain every level of client management automatically. The automation of the entire billing process becomes smooth with WHMCS. Payment collection, invoice exchange, tax reminders and other business processes are easily taken care of with WHMCS. Billing becomes swift with multiple currencies and more than 75 payment methods.
Additional automation benefits of WHMCS include:

  • Promo and coupon code creation
  • Direct invoice refund process
  • Fixed or percentage-based late fee applications
System Security & Scalability

There are several security features like automatic bans, alerts and security support in WHMCS. It is one of the best tools that offers web hosting and automation security at all levels of business management. Additionally, it is one of the most scalable tools for all types of business sizes and industries.


As every small business and customer have their own unique requirements, WHMCS offers the solution that is the best fit. It has custom features that help brands to achieve their goals. Users can easily configure the client-management platform based on their requirements. There is a wide array of themes, widgets, modules and language options for custom development. Web development and customizing get easy with modular APIs and extensible ORM.

Excellent Customer Support

Customer support is an integral part of business development that can easily make or break a brand. WHMCS has 24x7 customer support for additional assistance any time. There are support tools like knowledgebase, tickets and downloads that make this client portal a complete tool. Existing members can respond to customer queries because WHMCS also supports social integration.

Interested in giving WHMCS a go?

Receive a 30-day Money Back Guarantee

Real-Time Domain Management

The tool allows easy and instant access to critical information. Clients can easily manage, register, transfer or renew domain names based on business requirements.


At present, WHMCS is an ideal solution for all types of web hosting requirements for small businesses. No other competitor can offer a complete automation package like WHMCS and the features are helpful for web hosting providers for maximum business ROI.
Reduce the workload and integrate an automation system for optimal and easy business management.


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