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Engaging with each and every visitor on your business website is crucial as this is an important distinguishing factor between ‘good’ and ‘great’ businesses. When hundreds of companies like yours are there to serve the customers, it’s a strategic necessity for you to have real-time communication support that breaks the barrier between the company and consumers by giving the latter exceptional support and caring for their satisfaction.

When it comes to ‘live chat functionality’, many established organizations today take the help of third party services or other virtual assistant companies to communicate with their customer base on behalf of the company. But because of issues like language barrier and different time zones, sometimes these outsourcing tactics lead to more miscommunication rather than solutions.

This is why more and more ‘great’ businesses have shifted to a much more practical solution of integrating live chat applications/plug-ins for communicating with their clients and customers in real-time. And in this world of apps, is one of the best WordPress live chat plug-ins that is available today.

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In this article, we will tell you what exactly is, the unique features of the platform and why businesses are actually moving to this method of seamless and effortless customer communication.

So, let’s dive in –

What is

In simple terms, is an absolutely FREE WordPress Live-chat platform that is fully customizable and can do a lot more than simple chatting. It allows an unlimited number of chats from unlimited users and gives all this incredible facility without any annoying advertisements.

To start with, gives access to its users of an entire end-to-end communication platform where businesses can engage with their clients in real-time. This is a hassle-free solution that allows you to answer the questions of your customers, solve their existing issues, and respond to all their queries, the moment they come in.

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In terms of functionality and features, it does a lot that goes well beyond the textbook methods of chatting. To give you an example, while chatting with your clients and customers, this platform can actually track their behaviour on your company’s website. The individual chats can be very easily converted to support tickets which could then be given to support agents for responding to those customers directly in the future.

With this live chatting app, you can provide an ideal digital experience to every visitor on your website and thereby, convert them into potential clients in a painless manner.

What are some of the Unique Features of

Let us look at some of the great features of and see for ourselves how it makes businesses chat-ready for any clients or potential customers, at any point in time –

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It Provides You with Chat Pages

If your company does not have a parent website, you can definitely have your chat tool have its own website page. This functionality is a blessing for small businesses because even if they do not have their own website, they can seamlessly provide live chat guidance to all visitors.

As a customer of, you will be able to change the chat page URL, add job descriptions or titles, and even put an agent photograph on the page, along with social media connections.

You Can Create Unique Notifications

For every visitor, you can create a unique notification so that no conversation thread ever gets missed out. From chat alerts and email alerts to missed conversations and chat transcripts – you can set up everything.

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Built-in Ticket System is the only live chat platform that has an in-built ticketing system for agents to accept tickets via the chat widget or the Knowledge Base.

It’s a highly efficient ticketing system that needs visitors to enter their email id along with their message. The ticketing interface could also be used to update ticket status or set the priority of tickets to either low, medium, or high.

Constant Availability to Customers has limitless agents and groups that constantly keep a track of the visitors’ traffic on your company website.

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In case there is an absence of adequate agents to handle all visitors, you will be able to handle each one of them. To ensure that your customer’s exact problem is attended to, other agents can very well join any ongoing discussion.

Why Do Businesses Prefer

Let us explore some of the very practical reasons why more and more businesses in today’s world are using for their advantage –

Ease of Use is a platform that is simple to navigate and very self-explanatory. It has a ton of tutorial videos from where you can learn about each and every functionality.

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Also, the availability of the platform on both Android and ios platforms makes chatting on the go extremely easy for small and medium businesses.

Colleague Messaging

If you are stuck with any technicality or difficult question from a visitor, you can instantly message your colleague who is also set up on

A perfect platform for team collaboration especially when two agents are not working in the office or a business is operating remotely for some reason.

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With the help of, you can create an extensive bank of frequently asked questions along with their answers so that you can provide support to all the visitors without any delay or fumble.

Reports & Dashboards

Using, businesses can track their visitors in real-time, in terms of which pages are they going on or how many times have they visited the page, etc.

It gives you detailed metrics of the number of chats, chat durations, user satisfaction, and ticketing system as well on an easy-to-understand dashboard.

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Conclusion is the favourite live chat app in the business community not because of just one reason but because of its practical and useful implementation.

Using this application, businesses can respond to chats from their desktops and phones, generate preset replies, provide consumer feedback and could personalize their messages in up to 27 spoken languages.

It’s free, fully customizable, easy to integrate and allows an unlimited number of agents and chat history, including integration of more than 100 third party applications.

So install if you want to create a great impression on your visitors and provide them with unmatched customer satisfaction.


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