10 Mobile-Friendly Website Building Techniques

Smartphones are accessible and affordable. It started as an exciting technology but it is essential for our everyday life now. Business owners need to focus on providing a superior brand experience on these devices. A mobile-friendly website design is mandatory to impart a brilliant surfing experience to customers.

Mobile responsive web design is required for websites to keep up with the competitive industry. It not only ensures superior customer experience but also allows better performance of your websites on all devices and platforms. Optimizing websites for mobile devices helps brands reach out to a diverse audience and makes it easier for prospective customers to find out our brand conveniently.

How to Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

The distribution of website traffic will vary from brand to brand but more than 50% of your customers will view your website from their small screens. This makes it inevitable to have a mobile-friendly website design to establish a successful brand reputation. Using responsive design for your website is a sustainable way to maintain a mobile-friendly website design. Here are some of the best mobile-friendly website-building techniques that will help brands in the long run:

  1. Use Responsive Theme - This is not the best option for established websites but changing the entire theme can work wonders. Modern content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress or Joomla helps to manage your website based on the responsive themes that you choose. Mobile responsive web design makes your website more appealing, helps visitors to stay on the page, and successfully increases traffic conversion.

  2. Easy Navigation - Mobile screens are relatively smaller than most other digital devices. It is an important factor to consider when designing your website for mobiles. Readjusting the website width with a narrower setting and still keeping it readable is the goal here. Brands need to make their websites concise and easily navigable to fit the requirements of a modern man with a smartphone who needs everything at their fingertips.

  3. Display CTAs - The CTA is an important element for websites irrespective of the device or platform. However, in the case of a mobile, it is much more essential to pay attention to your call-to-action buttons so that the visitors and customers can easily spot them. Consider the goal of each landing page for your websites and frame your CTAs accordingly. It will help you to have a competitive edge for your business.

  4. Include Search Options - Organising the website menus for mobile devices is much easier nowadays, with the integration of a search bar. A mobile responsive web design encourages visitors to conduct specific searches of the products and services they are looking for. Overloading the mobile website with too many options can drive customers away and confuse them.

  5. Eliminate Pop-Ups - Pop-ups are annoying and decline the quality of user experience. Mobile website pop-ups can be difficult to tackle at times because they just do not want to close. Brands need to consider deploying mobile-friendly website designs to cancel the problem of pop-ups. They should think about eliminating the idea of pop-ups.

  6. Mobile-First Indexing - Since mobile-first indexing has been made accessible for all new websites since 2020, you do not have to worry about your search rankings. However, it is important to keep a track of the website content and update it regularly for the best customer experience. The mobile-first indexing by Google enables keeping a clear track of mobile website content and rank websites based on quality and optimization.

  7. Replace Words With Icons - Icons are graphic and visually pleasing, and get the message across more effectively than written content. Words can make a mobile website appear cluttered but icons can effectively build bridges to convey ideas and compel visitors to take action conveniently.

  8. Use Proper Font - Choosing the perfect font for your mobile-friendly website design adds a competitive edge to your brand. Since there is very little space to work on when designing websites for mobiles, it is essential to make sure that the font size is not too small and yet readable.

  9. Eliminate Flash - As you already know, Flash technology is now extinct even on desktops. Compatible HTML technologies are easy and sustainable alternatives for Flash. Eliminate the scope of Flash altogether to secure superior display on mobile screens.

  10. Consider Website Speed - Customers will leave your site if it takes too long to load. Compressing the images to optimal mobile width and cross-checking your website hosting plans will help you determine and act upon a mobile-friendly website design speed.


Mobile devices and technology are subject to constant changes. So, if you want to excel in your business and establish a digital presence, it is important to have a mobile-responsive web design that widens your company’s reach. Google has the ability to use mobile website content for ranking brands for search engine optimization. This ability function is known as mobile-first indexing. Websites are monitored continuously, based on the best-practices guidelines and can address a number of issues including missing data, missing images, blocked images, URL correction, missing texts, metadata, page quality, and host load issues.


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