Joomla: Professional & Popular CMS for Small Businesses

Written by Margaret Shakibaie
CMS for Small Businesses

Web developers and web designers consider Joomla as a premium open-source content management system (CMS). This software package allows small businesses to create, establish and maintain effective websites and mobile-friendly online applications easily.

Websites that are built on Joomla offer a competitive advantage and help the website to rank for SERPs effectively. Nothing gets better if you can rank your small businesses on the 1st page of Google search results.

In this competitive era, Joomla helps to create, organise, manage and publish content for businesses of all sizes with different industrial backgrounds.

What is Joomla?

Joomla is a Mambo-based CMS developed by an Australian company in 2001. The official version 1.0 was released in 2005. This software helps to track the entire data process (including photos, texts, documents, music files, and more) based on what you want to highlight on your website.

This free tool has extendable administrator templates for the front- and back-end. The Joomla software is developed with object-oriented programming, PHP, MySQL, and software design patterns. It allows the developer or designer to edit, publish, and modify content based on website requirements.

Joomla Extensions

There are more than 7500 extensions for Joomla websites for advanced functionality. However, they can be easily installed as extensions. Joomla has 5 common extensions. They are as follows:


These are almost mini applications that are driven by the menu items of a web page. Examples include banners, content, contacts, news feeds and weblinks.


Also known as 'boxes', modules are assigned for each menu item. Modules can be static text or HTML that do not need to be linked to other components. Examples are menus, who's online and banners.


These are advanced extensions that are used to intercept articles submitted by users and filter out censored words.


These types of extensions help to design a Joomla powered website. It can make use of 1 component and multiple modules for easy customization of website appearance.


Some of the functions of this type of extension include static text string translation within Joomla source code. The extensions include an XML meta file to describe different languages and affect the front and administrator sides of Joomla websites.

Powerful Joomla Features

There are more than 1000 free-to-use verified third-party extensions on Joomla that gives you access to a wide range of themes, colours, layouts, features, user interfaces and more. Some of the most exclusive features of Joomla include:


Websites can be created with more than 70 different language options on Joomla which helps brands to reach out to a larger audience range.

User Management

Helps to manage user information including edit permission, access, publish, create and delete users, change language and password and authenticate data.

Content Management

Allows content management with the “What You See is What You Get” (WYSIWYG) method for easy content creation.

 Banner Management

Helps to add, edit and remove banners on websites for different campaigns or services. It allows you to set impression numbers, add as many banners, add custom codes, track clicks and much more.

Template Management

Helps to integrate the website with different designs to the website without any changes made to the content structure.

Media Management

It is one of the best tools to manage media folders and files. Joomla also allows the user to upload, organize and manage the media files into the article editor tool and configurable MIME settings.

Contact Management

This tool helps to add contacts and segregate departments based on categories. You can easily set up a contact form for every contact on the website. Additionally, website owners have the liberty to make the access public or select a few registered users to create contact lists.

Weblink Management

The internal and external link resources on the website provided for users can be sorted into different categories for easy navigation and link building.

Search Optimization

You have the liberty to search for accurate information on Joomla websites which is a professional search engine tool as well. There are in-built search tools that enable smart indexing, auto-suggest and advanced search options.

Frontend Editing

One of the greatest features of a Joomla website is the frontend edit option. It allows you to edit contents and modules without having to log in to the administrative section.


Really Simple Syndication is a feature that enables automatic content and RSS files upload to the website.

Benefits of Using Joomla

  • It is a free-to-use open-source CMS platform that allows you to instantly and easily configure websites for free.
  •  You will get an easy user interface and set up an e-commerce website with Joomla. There are extensions to add shopping carts, secure for spammers and get thousands of templates to design websites.
  •  Web developers and designers can use Joomla to build outstanding websites for clients and clients can manage them without any additional help.
  •  Joomla offers top-quality data safety and security. It also supports PHP scripting for custom codes for websites. It helps to reduce server load and increase processing speed.
  •  Joomla is compatible with all browsers by default.
  • It has flexible templates to create different web pages.
  • Helps to increase website loading speed since Joomla has built-in caching.
  • There is an easy tool for creating different types of menus on the website.

Achievements of Joomla

  • Joomla offers a large ecosystem and powers more than 2 million active websites.
  • More than 9% of worldwide business websites including top and favourite brands use RSJoomla.
  • RSJoomla covers more than 6% of the content management system (CMS) industry around the world.
  • More than 3% of the entire content viewed on the Internet is prepared on RSJoomla.


RSform and RSfirewall are 2 excellent extensions that help to keep a Joomla website safe. It enables users to fill out forms and protect the website from hackers. Joomla is a great software to save upfront costs and create effective, easy and attractive websites.