10 Tips to Improve Your Search Engine Optimisation

Written by Margaret Shakibaie
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Search engine optimisation best practices help to improve a website's organic visibility and improve search engine rankings. There are innumerable SEO factors to consider to promote a business website but the basics help to lay the foundation. Organic search engine optimisation tips help to drive website traffic and give websites' a competitive edge over other businesses.

Irrespective of the SEO strategies employed for a business, it should be able to drive significant results for the brand.

Top 10 Tips for Search Engine Optimisation

Here are some of the preliminary and best search engine optimisation tips to help build a brand’s online presence:

1. Optimise Meta Title and Description

Each landing page on a website has spaces to insert relevant metadata or snippets of the page content. It is essential to review and update the metadata for each page as the website grows. The meta title is the headline that is displayed as a search result for a website. The meta description is a website's window display or appealing description of the page content to attract visitors. Also, keyword metadata are the best options to help promote a website. This may include a variety of words or phrases appropriate for the website or brand content. Search engine optimisation agency experts can help research and employ effective metadata for all landing pages of a website to improve its search rankings.

2. Improve Site Speed

Page speed is an integral SEO factor that can create a great or poor experience for the user. A slow website and a slow website page can lead to a loss in conversions for a brand. Using lightweight themes, compressed images in terms of KB and CDNs can help to improve the website speed. A search engine optimisation agency can perform audits to determine the critical factors and fix the bugs required to improve a website page speed.

3. Have a Regular Posting Schedule for Blogs

It is important to update the content of the website at regular intervals to maintain the website's relevancy on the search engines. Additional content like blogs or articles with rich keywords can help to boost the website's search engine rankings. The articles can be short or long, targeted or non-targeted. The articles should be interlinked to related CMS web pages for additional information. It is a win-win situation for the brand and the audience. While brands can enjoy their rankings, the audience gets new content frequently

4. Check and Remove Broken Links

A website with relevant links has more authority and credibility over its users. Link building is a fundamental part of search engine optimisation tips and tricks to boost website rankings on SERPs. A search engine optimisation agency can easily detect the broken links for a website landing page and replace them with functional keyword-rich anchor text for internal linking of webpages to other websites. Search engines crawl websites through the different links present on the landing page. Monitoring for broken links and errors helps to fix the issue and create redirects for the best site ranking.

5. Use Keywords at the Start of Content

Beginning sentences, meta titles and meta descriptions with rich keyword texts offers a competitive edge to websites in the SERPs. Additionally, it is possible to hyperlink keywords internally in a website that is known as anchor text.

6. Using Keywords in Headings

Incorporating SEO-friendly keywords in headings and subheadings helps to increase the click-through rates for a business. Additionally, it can seamlessly categorize the webpage and drive higher rankings for the website on search engines based on the relevancy and strength of the keywords used in the headings.

7. Make Navigation Easier on Your Website

Alternative text descriptions for describing website images and videos help to sort the website on search engines and makes navigation based on content relevancy easier for the target audience. A search engine optimisation agency can help to create and submit the sitemap of a website to boost the indexing by search engines. The webpage URLs should be recognizable by users and search engines to improve the rankings. Optimising the page URLs can boost navigation for users and search engines.

8. Generate Relevant Backlinks

Relevant backlinks help to set higher Google rankings for a website. It is essential to create link-worthy content and make it better to reach out to the right people. A proper content format is necessary and the backlinks should be functional. They should help to direct the page visitors to other relevant pages with additional content or for call-to-action.

9. Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

Research shows that more users visit websites from their mobile devices than a PC. Brands should focus on integrating mobile responsive design technology into their websites for mobile-friendliness. A mobile responsive design optimises code, content and images for all platforms and devices. It benefits the website speed as well and improves the search engine rankings significantly. An additional benefit, high lead conversions.

10. Use Social Media to Promote Your Content

Social media is a great tool to promote and advertise a brand and its related business. A healthy digital marketing strategy that enforces keyword-rich content is essential to drive traffic to take action. Social media posts, videos, reels, stories, pictures are some of the ways to promote the website and its services. The content should be meaningful and relatable to the target audience. It can talk or show the pain points and provide the audience with a solution.

The organic search engine optimisation tips are applicable for businesses of all scales. The search engine optimisation tips and tricks help to improve a website's speed, ranking and lead conversion opportunities. A digital marketing agency can help with all the aspects of website building, monitoring and performance for SEO improvements. Businesses have a competitive edge with highly ranked websites and a good user experience.

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