Outstanding Internal Linking Strategies for SEO Benefits

Most digital marketing experts are aware of the necessity of an SEO internal linking strategy for their brands and websites. In this competitive market, every brand wants to rank high on search engines and attract site visitors. Apart from excellent content, a great internal linking strategy is essential for driving traffic and contributing value to all your landing pages on the website. Internal linking strategy is as important as citing sources in resource papers.

Insight into Internal Linking

Internal linking strategy is nothing but the concept of hyperlinking texts or content within a domain that will direct the users to other relevant pages. These are basically used for navigational, advertising and promotional purposes. Blogs can be linked to other blogs, service pages can be linked to blogs while blogs can be linked to direct service pages. It allows the content creator for web pages to embed all kinds of media files and link them to different platforms for a wide outreach. Internal links are considered powerful ranking factors by Google. It is an evergreen SEO strategy that should not be neglected at any cost.

Internal Linking Functions

Here are some of the most common functions of internal linking:

  • It helps to increase the number of long-tail keywords
  • Internal linking offers a better response to user queries
  • In the long run, it ensures high visibility and traffic

Benefits of Internal Linking

Site owners are allowed complete access to the internal links that they choose for their websites and landing pages. This not only enriches the SEO experience of the website but also offers a valuable user experience. Some of the benefits of internal linking include:

  1. Link Building Supplement - Internal linking is an essential link building element that determines the keywords to be used in anchor texts. You can choose the hosting pages and target pages, depending on their authority and keywords. This is beneficial for choosing the pages you want to boost, search engine understanding of the web pages, and high positioning for SEO on different tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

  2. Unrivalled Return on Investment - Most e-commerce websites are ranked, based on the relevancy of the keywords. It is one of the most interesting benefits of an internal linking strategy that improves discovering new products and services on the search engine. Incorporating this technique of unique and dynamic categories, each internal link should correspond to the potential audience’s requests. It not only helps to increase brand awareness but also secure a strong customer base. Studies show that it takes an average of 3 seconds to create an internal link compared to creating a backlink for 3 hours. However, both are essential SEO ranking factors. Optimizing your web pages with internal linking offers an unrivalled ROI.

  3. 100% Control of Links - Whether you are creating a blog or a landing page, internal linking offers the power to modify and optimise your content at any given time. So, it is completely up to you on which other relevant web pages would you direct your visitors to. There is complete liberty to optimise your content and landing pages with relevant keywords while internal linking.

  4. Improved Website Indexing - Internal linking allows Google to crawl through a web page and identify content for proper indexing by search engines. It allows both users and search engines to discover content and websites on the basis of indexing. An internal linking strategy offers multiple entry points for Google to crawl a website. The more the number of internal links, higher the ranking and better the indexing on search engine result pages (SERPs).

Best Internal Linking Strategies

Here are some of the basics of internal linking strategy best practices:

  1. Easy Website Architecture - It is important to reduce the number of clicks it takes the users to reach important landing pages. Users are very demanding about website speed today. Useful tools and metrics like Google Analytics can conduct and determine such insightful data for improved services.

  2. Spread Link Equity - Every link contains a value which is known as link juice. This contains a number of essential elements like topic relevance, value and authority of a page. If a page ranks well on SERP, it means that it has good quality of link equity. Do not link pages unnecessarily as it only dilutes the purpose. Internal linking to relevant content is the key.

  3. Optimize Crawl Budget with Internal Linking Audit - Fixing internal linking issues is important if you do not want to waste your crawl budget. It is useless for Google bots if they have to crawl broken pages. Google Search Console offers excellent link reports for both external and internal linking strategy. This enables you to quickly identify pages with broken links and update them accordingly.

  4. Use Keywords in Anchor Texts - Using keywords in the texts that are used for internal linking is another great way to rank for SERPs. It also allows users to easily locate your website on search. Conducting audits is essential before employing internal anchor texts. There are tools that help website developers and digital marketers to check for relevant HTTP response code, anchor texts and bot directives.


It is understood that an internal linking strategy is important for website and landing page rankings on Google. However, there are multiple steps involved to develop an effective and successful internal linking strategy that not only ensures high ROI but a loyal customer base in the long run.


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