The BrightLocal tool is one of the most comprehensive local rank tracking tools for all types of small businesses. This tool gives small and medium businesses the leverage to improve their online rank, brand awareness and generate more organic traffic to boost lead conversion. 

BrightLocal aims to help every marketer to do their job better. The tool has already helped more than 80,000 marketers to improve their brand's local search rankings. The tool entails several benefits. BrightLocal's powerful tool can help brands to build citations, expand marketing departments, increase online visibility and improve digital presence. 

Experts at BrightLocal can successfully forecast the changing local marketing SEO conditions and helps users to stay 3 steps ahead of the competition. The exclusive team at BrightLocal complete more than 2000 individual campaigns every month. 

BrightLocal Exclusive Products 

The BrightLocal platform has a wide range of in-built tools to monitor, audit and improve local SEO performance. These tools are subdivided into 3 categories. They are Local SEO Tools, Reputation Manager and Agency Features. Some of the top features in the subcategories include: 

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Local Search Grid 

A tool to cure your brand's local SEO vision to uncover ranking blindspots. Get better insights, bigger pictures and make smarter decisions with real-time statistics. You can easily measure the search visibility of your website locally. It also gives insight into your competitors.  

Local Rank Tracker 

This feature enables you to cover every aspect of business with accurate rankings for local maps, search, mobile and organic results. Get authentic data to prepare an exclusive SEO strategy to claim more local traffic. The tool offers automated reports. 

Citation Tracker 

This tool helps to monitor existing citations, offer complete NAP audit reports, identify duplicate listings, create white-label reports and manage citation work all on one platform. Find and fix errors quickly for optimal local search rankings. 

Get Reviews 

This BrightLocal feature creates a consistent flow of organic reviews from customers. Reviews help the audience to understand the value and credibility of a brand on Google search results. This tool can create custom review request campaigns with a wide range of templates to highlight your brand's voice and style. 

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Showcase Reviews

This feature enables you to build and customize a responsive template to showcase your brand's reviews, curate and control the reviews and showcase them on any web pages to boost customer trust. There are more than 80+ review sites to curate authentic reviews. 

Citation Builder 

This is a single dashboard tool to build citations on key sites, clean up and fix NAP inaccuracies on existing citations and remove duplicate listings that negatively affect local SEO performance. 

Local Data Aggregators 

Allows the users to submit business data to 2 main aggregators including Foursquare, Data Axle and Neustar Localeze. You can get free updates for 12 months, low-cost solutions, bulk upload for more than 50+ locations, control data at the "source" and manage all your data in one platform. 

Agency Lead Generator 

This is a quick and easy widget feature to conduct local search audits for the website, choose the audit data, capitalize lead contact details and manage leads directly from the platform. 

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Free Local SEO Local SEO Tools

Local Listings Health Scanner

This free tool enables you to get free scans across 15 different sites. The scanner uncovers listing inaccuracies and also finds a way to fix them too. 

Local Search Results Checker

Get immediate local SEO search results for Google and SERP in real-time from anywhere around the world. 

Local RankFlux

This is a free ranking fluctuation monitoring tool for local SEO results. The tool tracks more than 14000 keywords for appropriate ranking movements. It helps to identify suspected algorithm inefficiencies and updates. Get regular updates for local SEO ranking now!

Benefits of BrightLocal

Comprehensive Local Rank Tracking

The BrightLocal tools help to audit citations, track local rankings, audit local SEO, report from multiple locations, monitor reviews, integrate GMB insights and connect your business website with Google Analytics. Track how your brand ranks on different SERPs and fix local SEO to optimize lead generation. 

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Swift Local SEO Audits

The BrightLocal tool offers audits for local rankings, listings, reviews, Google My Business (GMB), On-site SEO and links. Get fully automated reports and save valuable business time. The detailed audit results enable you to identify weak spots and resolve issues instantly. 

Easy Reporting

White-label all your brand's reports and fully customize the metrics you want to showcase to the audience. The BrightLocal tools can run insightful local SEO audits in no time. This helps your brand to convert organic traffic into high-end leads. A strong local search footprint creates an irrevocable first impression for brands. 

Attract Traffic

This tool helps you to get, monitor and showcase reviews. It helps to build trust among customers, maintain a competitive edge and highlight your brand the centre stage. Constantly monitor your brand's online reputation and never miss the chance to get customer feedback. Respond quickly to resolve queries and build meaningful connections. 

Simple Local Marketing

This tool enables you to monitor keyword rankings based on cities or zip codes. It also helps to track SEO rankings for Google and Bing. The BrightLocal tool allows you to identify, fix and create keywords for optimal SERP results. This exclusive and cost-effective tool also helps to build new listings, and submit them to data aggregators for directories at only USD$ 2/per site.   

Interested in giving BrightLocal a go?

Receive an exclusive 14 day FREE trial with BrightLocal


BrightLocal is an amazing management software that costs USD$ 8/monthly as a subscription fee. Boost your small business online presence, get more customers and employ strong local SEO campaigns with this iconic tool. 


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