Your Online Supporters! It's all About Engagement

Written by Margaret Shakibaie

Do you engage with your online supporters? So you ask, who are my online supporters. Your online supporters are the people that "like" your facebook page, or they are following you on twitter, or are following you on Google+. These people are your supporters, these people are your businesses fans that will follow what you say and be influenced by what you do.

So I ask again, do you engage with your online supporters? 

internet marketing mediaNow days with the development of various online platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and now Google+ to name a few, the opportunity to engage with someone that is mildly interested in your business is dead easy. It's how you do it that will show proof in your results.

Remember social media is about engagement, your website is where you do the business.

Social Media is the place where you can show your customers that:

  • You are an expert in your field
  • You care about your customers
  • You are trustworthy in your business dealing
  • You reward loyalty

Use these social media platforms to nurture your relationship with your supporters but always link back to your website. 

I have noticed that many businesses aren't bothering with websites, but are using their social media platforms for both engagement and conversions. Your website is the foundation of your internet presence where you do business. These social media platforms give you an opportunity to build trust and rapport with your supporters before they even seek your services. But if you don't have a website, you aren't giving your supporters a direct path to do business with you.