RSS Feeds

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Have you ever seen this symbol on the top of a website, or in your browser? Ever wondered what it was? It is an amazing way to engage with your client. This is a RSS feed symbol. RSS stands for " Rich Site Summary" but often called "Really Simple Syndication".

The symbol indicates a web feed on the page that allows for new content on that website to be "fed" into your RSS reader. Therefore you can subscribe to the website and be advised of new content. This is also often referred to as a news-feed.


Imagine if your clients were doing this to you. All your blogs, news stories and articles were directly fed onto their computer as you create them. Or even better still , they added the feed to their website with short snippets of your articles on thir website, with links back to your blog.

There are a number of RSS readers available, but the one I like the best is the one inbuilt directly into Outlook. I get a snippet of any newly created article sent directly into your mail box.

Try it out for yourself. Click on the symbol at the top of the page and see what happens. You should be asked if you wish to subscribe to this feed. And there will be a drop down box to choose the feed reader.

So do you want to really engage with your clients? Don't forget to include a RSS feed on your blog or news articles, and encourage people to subscribe.

Not sure how, contact your Web Specialist.