Is Your Blog Written for Easy Reading?

Written by Margaret Shakibaie

Writing for the web – Readability statistics

We have heard it all before. We are encouraged to blog, blog and blog some more. How easy is your blog to read?

But have you thought about the readability of your content. A simple tool to use to measure the readability of your content is available through Microsoft Word.

In your proofing options, select "show readability and statistics". The readability statics are displayed after you complete a full spell check.

The following is a general guide as suggested by Monash University


Sentences per paragraph

readability statisticsKeep the length of paragraphs short with around 1 or 2 sentences per paragraph. The suggested maximum would be six sentences.

Words per Sentence

Keep the average amount of words per sentences to around 15 words. Break long sentences up into shorter sentences.

Passive sentences

Keep the number of passive sentences to a minimum. Less that 5% is ideal. Reword passive sentences to create action and add energy to your writing.

Flesch-Kincaid grade level

Consider the audience and their reading levels. This indicator represents the general number of years education needed to understand the text. A recommended guide is eight.