Own Your Domain Registration

Written by Margaret Shakibaie

Your Domain is like the deeds to the land your house is built on.

All to often I get unhappy people coming to me for assistance with their website and they have no knowledge of where or with whom their domain is registered. Often it is registered under the account of the original web development company that created their initial website.  Does a builder register the land under their own name.

domain name registrationYou need to know

  • the registrant through which your domain is registered
  • the url to manage your domain
  • the username and password to access the management control panel

Take ownership of your website and internet presence, and make sure you know these details. Don't get caught out.

Your domain is the single point your website is built on, and without ownership of your domain you risk loosing control of your website and your emails.

At The ICT Shak, we are a registered domain reseller, so we can give you this ownership. Ask us how!