Choose the RIGHT website platform

At "The ICT Shak" we believe that a well-designed website should not only look great, but it should also achieve your business goals.

It is important to choose a website platform that can grow with your business needs.

See examples of these platforms in action in our webdesign portfolio.

A website is an organic process, growing and developing as your business grows and develops.

Start with the end in mind.

WordPress Websites

WordPress is an open source CMS platform. Over 20% of the websites in the world are run on a WordPress platform.

Originally built as a blogging platform, WordPress now allows you to have increased functionality through the many plugins available.

The look and the feel of a WordPress website is in the theme, with many themes also including functionality not available in the straight WordPress application.

WordPress comes into its own for clients that wish to regularly blog while leaving the majority of the pages static.


Joomla Websites

As developers offering our clients a powerful web application, our preferred CMS is Joomla. The extensibility of Joomla, along with its inbuilt functionality makes it a powerful whilst still easy to use web platform.

Joomla has many features that make it easy to use for our clients, specifically front end editing. Once logged in you can easily click and edit content your content. Joomla is an ideal platform for clients that wish to take ownership of their website with included functionality. Examples would include eCommerce, Event Management, Membership websites and many more.


WebMatix is a user-friendly website builder that allows users to simply click to edit text and pictures or drag and drop to rearrange modules.  The WebMatix and WebMatix Plus packages include an amazing array of options to help you not only showcase your business but also improve your business efficiency. 

Easy access - one portal for website email billing and support

Affordable - you pay only $495 setup fee and then $40 a month for standard features / functionality or unlock the Plus package with extra features for an additional $10 a month.