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How does your business perform on Local Search? Do you REALLY know what is happening for your business on Local Search.

If you Google your business name your website might come up high on the rankings, but did you know that the search results are skewed according to your search history, and your past searches.

How does your business perform on Local Search?

If you Google your business name your website might come up high on the rankings, but did you know that the search results are skewed according to your search history, the geo location of the IP address from which you are searching, and your past searches.

Therefore if you are searching for your business daily, from your business location and you do regular searches on topics related to your business the chances are that your search results will show your business higher in the results than when other people search for the same term.

So how do you know what is really happening for Local Searches Online?

Get a free Local Search Audit on your website.

How much would you pay for a monthly report that tells you:

  • How your website ranks in searches?
  • Mentions of your business on the internet?
  • Your business reviews and ratings in the top 10 internet directories?
  • How your web presence compares with that of your competitors?
  • How well is your website optimised for Local Search?

There are 5 different reports (see below for more info), complimented with our video series that will help you analyse how your business is ranking in Local Search. You can then make the necessary changes to improve your SEO or if you choose, engage us to do it for you.

Report 1: Keyword Rankings

100 words/phrases related to your business are ‘run’ through 6 search engines (including Google) to determine where your website would ‘rank’ if a potential customer searches for that word/phrase in your local area. For example, if your website sells homemade soap to people in Capalaba the report will tell you what position on the search results your website will appear when the phrase ‘homemade soap’ is entered in a search in Capalaba.  

Report 2: Citation Tracking

Find out where and how your organisation is cited or mentioned on the internet. To rank well in searches, it is vital that all your citations including your Name, Address and Phone number are presented in an identical format. This report will let you know where your business is mentioned and the way the information is written. This will also assist you to find and correct these citations as necessary.    

Report 3: Reviews and Ratings

A copy of each review and/or star rating of your business published on the internet. You can use this information to thank people for positive reviews, use the reviews in other marketing or, if the reviews are negative, mitigate the impact by, for example, apologising, explaining or offering to fix a problem. 

Report 4: Google My Business

See how your Google My Business listing is displayed. How you compare to your competition, and who is your competition on the Google Pack.

Report 5: Local Search Audit

A complete Local Search Audit examining the key factors which effect your ability to rank high up in search engines. This report is divided into 6 easy to understand sections.

Complete the form and we will send you 5 reports showing you all the details you require to really know what is happening with your local search.

And as an added bonus, you will get access to 6 explainer videos on how to use these reports.

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