How do I find my IP Address?

Google "What is my IP Address"

At times your IP address may be blocked on a web based firewall. This can be a result of hitting the firewall with an incorrect password, or inadvertently your action of the website may have been construed as suspicious activity.

It is essential to know your public IP address to attend VoIP calls or remote control software. You can find your ISP name and general location attached to the public IP address. The easiest way to find this IP address is to type "what is my IP address" on the Google search bar. There is different software that reveals ISP names, city locations and maps. The location is usually an approximate location on the internet service provider. It is essential to disconnect from all types of external or VPN services before an IP address search.

What is an IP address?

IP or Internet Protocol helps networks and the internet to identify systems with specific numbers. These numbers are called IP addresses. The Internet Protocol is a part of Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol. IP is the abbreviation and TCP/IP is the mode of communication for a wide range of networks. A computer or a system has several IP addresses. The IP address of the router determines the quality of communication between the computer and the internet. Internet service providers usually allot a custom IP address for installing new routers. The router helps to handle traffic between the internet and the computer. A website only views requests that IP addresses send to a router. The router deals with the information flow or data exchange.

 Different operating systems have different IP addresses. Some common OS includes Windows11, Windows10, Smartphone, Mac and the Public IP.

 Every computer, whether on the internal network like Wi-Fi or at the office, has their individual IP address. It helps the nodes of the internal network to communicate. The router uses the Dynamic Host Control Protocol or DHCP to assign IP addresses to computers or systems. A dynamic IP is temporary. Users can set up static IP addresses manually. IP addresses have the same format as a 32-bit number, expressed as 4 decimal numbers. It is usually within the range of 0 to 255. These are separated by dots and 3-set numbers are called an octet. IP version 4 uses this format which limits it to only 4 billion+ IP addresses.

 To curb the problem, IP version 6, a 128-bit, colon-separated, 4-hexadecimal digit, group of 8 numbers, is introduced to assign IP addresses.

 All devices that are connected to an internal network have individual internal IP addresses. The basic IP address in such cases is called a gateway. In this type of IP address, only the last octet out of the 4 is subject to change.