FAQ - Web Coaching

We offer coaching to our clients to get the best out of their website and internet presence. We have answered a few questions people have asked in relation to your coaching services.

What Topics Do You Cover in Coaching?

In our coaching session, we will cover whatever is required by the client in relation to their website and internet strategy. Our coaching sessions are more technical than theoretical, and involve hands on coaching and support.

Ideally, we like to develop a web strategy first to ensure that the client has a good strong approach to proceed, however this is not always required. As part of the coaching, we will look at reports to determine if the client is progressing in the direction they wish and steer them with good technical know-how to be able to achieve their strategy. Topic we can cover include:

  • On your website
    o How do I make changes to my website?
    o How do I manage the images on my website?
    o How to make my content more readable for the web?
    o How do I add links in my website?
  • How to read ROI through
    o Google ananlytics
    o Webmaster tools
    o Social media insights
  • How to SEO optimise their website including
    o A good navigational structure
    o Metatags
    o Error checking
    o Creating and sitemaps for fast indexing
    o Content review
  • Social Media
    o How to use HootSuite for easy social media management
    o How to develop social media plan
    o How to increase conversions through your social media
  • Email marketing
    o How to use

How Do You Conduct the Coaching and Training Sessions

In an ideal world, our coaching sessions are face-to-face at the client’s business premises, but if this is not possible we do the coaching using Skype Screen Share. Our coaching sessions are in minimum 60 minute sessions and the topics covered are prepared before the session by either the client or us.

What is the Difference Between Coaching, Training and Support

Coaching enables the participant to learn and be empowered by the coach to develop their skills within the process; thereby taking ownership of the process. The long-term goal of coaching is to make the coach no longer required.

Training is more a transfer of knowledge and learning, and support is related to a specific task or issue at hand.

For example:

Coaching topic – How do I manage the content on my website to engage with my clients whilst still using current search engine guideline?

Training topic – How do I edit my website?

Support – I cannot insert an image into a specific article, the text is not wrapping properly?

We often find that our 5 hour Prepaid Packages are utilised by combining our coaching, training and support.

What Do I Need to do After my Coaching Sessions

To gain the most from our coaching sessions, you need to do it yourself. Put into practice what you have learnt and notate any questions. The longer you leave applying the new knowledge, the less effective the coaching session will be.

We do encourage questions after the coaching session is complete, but remember these are chargeable, so be smart and have a number of questions prepared.