How Many Website Pages are Included?

When it comes to how many pages are included in our website builds, it will depend on the package that you purchase and the platform you wish to build on.

Webmatix & WordPress Website Pages

For example, our Webmatix websites include 2-5 pre-build pages, whilst our WordPress templated builds will include 5-10 in the initial cost. We can add more pages in at an additional cost, or you can choose to add these in yourself. The WebMatix platform has inbuilt video tutorials, and there are many online tutorials for WordPress online.

Custom Website Pages

Customised web design builds are priced on the application due to the nature of the website itself.

End of the day, we can assist with adding as many pages as you like, and we also have a team of expert copywriters who can assist with content creation, however, these are our complimentary services.

It is important to remember that a website built by The ICT Shak is a dynamic, living thing, and will always be built on a content management system (CMS) platform, which will allow you to easily login and add pages, posts and products yourself!