What do I need before I start my website?

Before you get started with your website, you need to have made a commitment to yourself and your business to have a website, and understand the need.

You will also need to have defined your branding and the image you wish to portray through your website. We can assist you with this.

We recommend that you start surfing the net and really look at the websites you come across, not the content or the business type. Choose 5 different websites. Reflect on the general feel of the website, the personality of the website and if you feel you can align your business to the look and feel of this website. Also notate things you do not like about specific websites.

Gathering content is often the hardest part of developing a website, and we often find that this becomes a time for our clients to define who they are, why they do it and how they do what they do.

We can assist you with this, through the asking of probing questions and well defined questionnaires.