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Which CMS or Content Management System you should use is relative to the purpose of the website, and the functionality you wish to add to the website.

We offer WordPress and Joomla as OpenSource CMS platforms within our tailored website solutions, or WebMatix as a template platform for the EasyWeb.

There are two main types of Content Management Systems (CMS) that exist today: website development platforms like WordPress or Joomla; and content management systems that offer access to ready-made templates created by other providers.


WordPress is an example for a free open source web site platform. Joomla is an example for web site platforms that have a different business models like the online store based on the sale of services. The CMS platforms provider makes money through professional support, training, hosting and the commercial license to the templates.

WordPress can be used as a free open source website development platform by individuals and small business. It can be easily installed from within a few minutes, and up-and-running in a short time with a few clicks, after installing a web hosting service via a standard FTP client. It provides an easy to install web site platform for blogs, booking sites, online stores, or even corporate websites, offering access to numerous built-in functionalities through the use of plug-ins.


Joomla is an example for web site platforms that are based on the sale of ready-made templates. Joomla offers access to many built-in functionalities, but offers no support for custom design or layout, which needs to be purchased separately. It is a toolkit with a lot of functions and can be used as a CMS software, but some of the functionalities do not work properly. Joomla is used by around 2% of all websites worldwide.


Others, utilise WebMatix for easy webwriting. It is an example for content management systems that offer access to ready-made templates created by other providers, thus providing a lower entry threshold than Joomla or WordPress. WebMatix is an example for a free open source web site platform, with one business model based on the sale of templates.

Most websites uses WordPress, but which do you think is better for you? To give you some ideas, here’s are some facts that you can consider:

  • WordPress Wins on Compatibility – WordPress is compatible with just about every single plugin and widget available online today. This means that if you are looking to use a specific plugin or widget on your website, there's a good chance that its WordPress compatible.
  • WordPress Wins on Flexibility - WordPress was built to accommodate all of these types of web pages. It’s extremely flexible and scalable. It is also more user-friendly which means less training for users, developers and IT professionals.
  • WordPress Wins on Design Customization - WordPress was specifically built for creating unique designs without knowing how to code. This means that anyone can create a stunning site with WordPress without having to hire a developer, designer od a content manager.
  • WordPress Wins on SEO - WordPress has long been known as the best platform for SEO among CMS platforms. The fact of the matter is that search engine optimization and WordPress go hand in hand, so it's very easy to rank high on Google and Bing with this popular CMS platform.
  • WordPress Wins on Plugins – You choose WordPress as the best content management system because of its plugins. There are literally thousands of different plugins available for this CMS platform that allow you to easily add a shopping cart to your WordPress powered ecommerce website, optimise your site for social media, back up your content and so much more with this CMS software.
  • WordPress Wins on Support - WordPress wins hands down over every other CMS platform out there as far as technical support goes is because of its 5-minute install system. This means that you can literally have a blog/website up and running within minutes after the 5-minute install process.
    Joomla Wins on Community Support - While the community support for both Joomla and WordPress is outstanding, there are more developers, designers and IT professionals that specialize in Joomla than there are those who specialize in WordPress. This means it's much easier to find someone who can help you solve any issues or problems that you have with Joomla.
  • Joomla Wins on Performance - Joomla manages to load faster. There are fewer problems with caching systems for this platform which means it's more reliable and offers a better user experience.
  • WordPress Wins Installs out of the Box – WordPress has a self-contained installer that can be used to install the CMS platform on your web hosting account. There are also free plugins available for WordPress that allow you to use Visual Website Optimizer or Google Analytics to optimize your site and track its performance much easier than you could with Joomla.

Whatever you choose. platforms are excellent in their own right, if you're willing to put the time into learning how they work. However, WordPress is much simpler when it comes to getting the job done which means it will be easier for beginners who aren't too familiar with web development. If you're a developer, then Joomla is going to be the better fit due to its flexibility and ability to scale easily.

Whatever platform you choose, we can do the work for you. We offer affordable prices to make your website up and running anytime you want with full features that fits your needs. Contact us now and be satisfied with our services.


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