What is the Process for Web Design Services?

The typical process for web design services is as follows:

Initial consultation to determine website requirements: 

During an initial consultation, either in person or over the phone, we will discuss your website requirements in detail. This includes things like your target audience, the overall purpose of your website, what kind of content you will be displaying, etc. We will also ask you to provide any existing branding materials you have so that we can ensure that your new website reflects your brand in the best light possible.

Quote provided with project scope and terms and conditions: 

Once we have a good understanding of your project requirements, we will put together a quote for you that outlines our proposed project scope as well as our terms and conditions. We want to make sure that both you and we are on the same page from the start, so this step is very important.

Depending on the project, payment in full, or a 50% payment may be required to commence work: 

For most projects, we require a 50% deposit before we begin work. However, for some smaller projects, we may require full payment upfront. This will be determined during our initial consultation.

Design concept provided for client feedback: 

Once we have received your deposit (or full payment), we will get to work on creating a design concept for your new website. This concept will be based on the discussions we had during our initial consultation as well as any existing branding materials you provided us with. Once the concept is complete, we will send it over to you for feedback. We want to make sure that you are happy with the direction of the project before we move onto building out the actual website.

Website built to client’s requirements: 

Once we have received your feedback on the design concept and made any necessary revisions, it’s time to start building out your actual website. We will build out all of the pages and functionality that we discussed during our initial consultation and make sure that everything meets your expectations. Throughout this process, we will keep you updated on our progress and welcome any feedback or input you may have.

Final payment and launch of the website: 

Once your website is complete and you are happy with it, all that’s left to do is make final payment and launch your site! We will help you launch your site and ensure that everything is working properly. After that, it’s up to you to start driving traffic to your site and growing your business!