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Tips and tricks to keep your website a dynamic sales tool. Inspiration and knowledge keeps you on top of what is happening in the world of web and digital marketing. Our Web Design Blog includes articles on Web Inspiration, Web Design News, You on the Web, and External Web News.

Other people's business cards? Optimise your Networking Dollar

You go to many networking events, and collect lots of business cards. But what happens then? They sit on your desk in a pile and grow and grow.

Eventually you forget where you met the person, what they look like and value you could add to each other persons business. A few specific people stand out but the rest just gather dust on your desk. And that valuable networking dollar is wasted.

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Community Organisations Websites - What can it DO?

There is no doubt in today’s digital world that any community based organisation requires a website. A website is now much more than an online brochure giving the general public information about your organisation. Your website can build community 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your website can answer questions about who you are and what you do from people who are too afraid to ask. A silent teacher and educator.

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Building your email marketing list. Do it right!

Email marketing is a a very powerful marketing medium, but are you DOING IT RIGHT?

Email marketing works, particularly if you have an existing relationship with the members of your mailing list. They may be an existing client, a network connection, someone that you met socially that has passed on their business card, or even someone that sent a simple enquiry through your contact form on your website.

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2015 - Is your website up to it?

2015 is just about here. But are you ready for it. Or should we say. Is your website ready for it?

You should view your website as an organic process, growing and changing as your business grows and changes. As your business moves into the middle of the second decade of the century, embracing new technology and the needs of your target market is imperative and this should be represented through your website.

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Website Content - To Use Stock Photos or Not?

Use real people in your website content.

Including photos in your website content is considered good practice.

A good visual website design has a balance of photos and text. It is considered to be good practice to have a photograph of a person in your website content. This is supposed to build trust with the viewer, specifically if you can see their eyes.

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Video Testimonials on your Website

Do you work with amazing clients -  share their thoughts about you.

A video testimonial is often the missing link connecting your satisfied clients and your prospective clients people researching about your business.

With the advent of Web 2 the marketing direction has changed from you telling your clients how great you are to other people promoting your products and services through various online mediums. 

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At what stage is your Website?

A website is an organic process, growing and developing as your business grows and develops.

I have written a short story to illustrate this.

Once upon a time there was a small business owner called Mary. Mary had created a range of cookware products. She decided she needed a website, but as her business was only starting up she wasn't exactly sure what she wanted for a website.

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4 Simple Ways to Leverage your Business Web Presence

If you have been in business for a while there is a strong possibility that your business has an existing web presence, even if you aren't aware of it.

You need to take ownership and leverage this web presence to increase your business's web profile.

Just Google your business name, and see what comes up. If you have a website, then hopefully it will come up first. But what else?

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Is your Blog written for easy reading?

Writing for the web – Readability statistics

We have heard it all before. We are encouraged to blog, blog and blog some more. How easy is your blog to read?

But have you thought about the readability of your content. A simple tool to use to measure the readability of your content is available through Microsoft Word.

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Own Your Domain Registration

Your Domain is like the deeds to the land your house is built on.

All to often I get unhappy people coming to me for assistance with their website and they have no knowledge of where or with whom their domain is registered. Often it is registered under the account of the original web development company that created their initial website.  Does a builder register the land under their own name.

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Watch what you "like" on Social Media

Liking the "Curly Fries" Facebook pages indicates you are smarter than the average person. What??

On Teds talks - Jennifer Golbeck tells us how "likes" in social media tells more than you would like to think. Interesting stuff.

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Trust - The currency of the new economy

In our world of online communities, a new value is emerging. With the development and increasing success of peer to peer market places like Airbnb, Kickstarter and Etsy, trust is fast becoming the new currency.

On Teds Talks, Rachel Botsman discuses collaborative consumption and the currency of TRUST.

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NAP Citations for Increased Local Search Rankings

NAP is defined as Name, Address, Phone. It is the most common way to represent a business citation online.

Today your business NAP is essential to search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo for good local search rankings. Your name, address and phone number citations have great importance for building domain authority by search engines for local search; they want to ensure that these are valid because a lot of people rely upon quality search results.

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Hosting Ain't Hosting

Not all web hosting environments are the same.

We always prefer our clients to use our web hosting. Not because it is added revenue for ourselves, but rather because it is easier for us.  I can't tell you the amount of times I have had issues with clients websites, time-out errors and server errors, and once I backup the site to my server environment the errors disappear. Cheap hosting is just that. Cheap.

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The decade of experts

We are in the decade of experts.

When being told how to market ourselves, we are often told to "position ourselves as an expert in our field". But what defines someone as an expert.

The oxford dictionary states the definition of an expert as:

"a person who is very knowledgeable about or skilful in a particular area"

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