Papua New Guinea Web Design

Written by Margaret Shakibaie

Professional web design is now available in Papua New Guinea.

Papua New Guinea is fast catching up to speed with their internet access, making the need for a website for business in Papua New Guinea a necessary requirement.

The recent deregulation of telecommunication services in Papua New Guinea has resulted in an exponential increase of internet users due to cheaper internet plans. Specifically on smart phones, tablets and laptops. Internet access is getting closer to the average Papua New Guinean.

At "The ICT Shak" we understand the problems with doing business in Papua New Guinea and we offer website solutions that are suited to the local environment.

Having done business in Papua New Guinea for over 10 years, we are ready to assist local business compete within the international market.

Organisations in Papua New Guinea are increasingly using the internet for promotion through a website and the use of social media. With the use of smart phone apps for social media and mobile responsive designed websites, the ability to engage with the grass roots people across the country is fast becoming increasingly feasible. The saturation of mobile phone towers in the rural sector has increased the internet coverage, and combined with reduced internet plan costs, has made organisations in Papua New Guinea websites more accessible.

Local Papua New Guinean businesses and organisations need to be able to compete on a world market, and to complete internationally, they need to be visible. The internet allows for these businesses to market within the international arena through the internet.

Local organisations and foundations can utilise the internet and their website to not only increase their visibility internationally, but also on a local level creating awareness and education for their cause.

At The ICT Shak we also offer Australian based website and domain hosting for .pg domains, allowing for easy domain mail and website management.

Contact us to discuss your website design pricing for Papua New Guinea websites.