Internet Savvy

Written by Margaret Shakibaie

Is your business Internet Savvy?

An Internet Savvy Business uses the Power of the internet to increase their business. Are you using this power to drive your business?

One local business owner is doing just this, applying a holistic approach to their Internet marketing strategy

A local Pizza company has a website.

  • The website is well maintained and well optimised.
  • The restaurant's menu is on the website along with some basic recipes for their "more specialised products".
  • The History of the family business is outlined along with a photo gallery.
    • Photos of Papa Giuseppe when he left Italy 50 years ago to bring his family to Australia are shown with photos of the younger generations highlighting the family values displayed by the Restaurant and their owners.
  • The patrons can become members with a sign on.
    • Members can order online for either pickup or delivery, paying by credit card when placing the order.
    • Members ordering online are invited to join a rewards program, giving them every 13th pizza free.
  • The website has a Facebook page link with a "like" link.
    • The Facebook page is updated daily with the "soup of the day" and the "desert of the day" .
    • Facebooks friends are contacted on their birthday with a birthday card and a free pizza voucher.
  • One of the younger members of the family writes an article a fortnight about the business, whether it be about a special customer they have, a funny incident they experienced in the restaurant or something that is related to the business within the community.
    • This article is published on their website with an automatic link posting to the restaurants facebook page.


This is Internet Savvy. Can your business do this?


Internet savvy businesses are generally more successful and are able to generate more profit than businesses that don't harness this greatly under-utilised resource. A recent survey conducted with more than 1700 small and medium business indicated that these businesses with a strong Internet presence have greater market share than similar businesses within the same marketplace. The facts are that in Australia

  • Only 17 % of Small Businesses have a digital strategy.
  • Only 40 % of this 17% don't have a website.
  • Only 14 % utilise social media to leverage their business.
  • 80% of the entire Australian population are internet users.

Don't miss out!

In the current business environment simply having a website is not need a holistic approach to your Internet marketing. There are huge untapped marketing resources available. At The ICT Shak we can assist you in developing an Internet Marketing Strategy, and walk with you during the process. We run on the concept of "I do, We do, You do." resulting in you as the business owner taking charge of their internet marketing in a holistic approach. Contact Us today for a free appraisal of your businesses Internet Presence.