Rich Snippets

Written by Margaret Shakibaie

Rich Snippets - making your content REAL

There are literally millions of websites indexed with Google, with billions of possible pages that can come up in search results. If you put in a search for bread, you will get results on making bread, buying bread, the history of bread, photos of bread, even making money. So how can you as a website owner show the user what you are promoting on your website.

RichSnippetsCustardThe answer is "Rich Snippets". This is a new way Google, and other search engines are using to define real life entities within search engines. The major search engines have utilised the schema's as developed by So what does this mean? It means that images and reviews can be shown in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP), therefore giving the searcher a better idea of the content in the results.

The image above shows search results from the term "custard". For the results you can see that the inclusions of rich snippets. The first two results are for custard recipes. The first result  simply shows the first few words of the text on a page - the default page description. The second result shows the ratings, the number of reviews, and the time to make the recipe is shown along with a image of the dish. The third result is referring to music from the band "Custard" where the track title, duration and album title is displayed. If you were looking for a custard recipe which one would you click through?

Rich Snippets will increase your click through rate showing users a sneak preview of your content. Not sure how to go about it? We can show you how. Take advantage of our Web Care packages and we can coach you to take advantage of this great opportunity to increase your click though rate. Show your your prospective clients what you have got before they enter your site.