What is UEO?

Written by Margaret Shakibaie

Traditionally Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)  has been focused on making websites look good for search engines but is that the ultimate aim of your website?

blackhatwhitehatsmallerYour website is on the Internet to promote your businessYour website is on the Internet to promote your business or organisation. Increasing traffic to your website grows brand awareness, customer satisfaction, connections with prospective clients. All generating sales.

But does that make for a good user experience?

Black Hat SEO techniques are search engine focused whereas White Hat SEO techniques are focused on the User Experience. Alternatively I would like to suggest the advent of a term User Experience Optimisation or UEO for short.

Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first.

Wendy Piersall, ProBlogger guest post

A good User Experience built on the foundation of a well developed and designed website will give your website a good page ranking. Especially if you are proud of your website and talk about it on the Internet, always linking back to the site.

There is no secrets about SEO, it is not something mystical and magical that needs to cost thousands of dollars.  Remember UEO.

You just need to follow three rules.

Rule number 1.

Make sure your website is designed and developed by a professional. Not the neighbour's teenage son or your nephew (unless they are professional web developers).

Rule Number 2.

Make sure you give your end user the best possible experience on your website. Outstanding content and plenty of it and plenty of it, so good that people want to come back and read it again, and they want to talk about it and share it.

Rule Number 3.

Be proud of your website and talk about it, especially on the Internet with links back to the site. On Facebook, on Twitter, on forums, on Yahoo Questions, any way you can. Just be sure to link back to your site.