2015 is just about here. But are you ready for it. Or should we say. Is your website ready for it?

You should view your website as an organic process, growing and changing as your business grows and changes. As your business moves into the middle of the second decade of the century, embracing new technology and the needs of your target market is imperative and this should be represented through your website.

2015 is your webiste ready

A few points to consider for 2015.


Industry experts estimate that the mobile internet will out grow desktop internet in 2015. Is your website mobile friendly?


Your branding is in your content. 2015 even more than ever "Content is King" as coined by Bill Gates in 1996. Does the content on your website represent you, your business and your services?

Technical SEO

As the search engine algorithms are honed and fine tuned, the technical aspects of SEO are becoming more and more important. Does your website utilise all the technical aspects available for a good user experience?

EUO (End User Optimisation)

Ultimately it is all about the End User. The whole basis of Google organic search algorithm is to make the web a better place through an increased user experience. Is your website well End User Optimised?

Conversation rather than keywords

Recent changes in Adwords indicates that exact match for keywords is not used any more. In fact this now seems to apply to SEO as well, with a focus on the content and what the content is about rather than specific key words. Does your website content use words and tagged images to present your services and what your business represents.

Black Hat SEO Penalties

Gone are the days of Black Hat SEO. The penalties are much worse than doing no SEO at all. Don't be tempted by a promise of quick results and risk Google's wrath.

Social Media

Social media is the new High Street of the town, and even more so in 2015. It's where people go to chat and meet. To discuss and compare and review. Congregating around the front of the virtual shopfronts, prospective clients window shop  through websites. Is your website on the High Street of 2015?

2015! The year of the end user.

In 2015, the end user wants to get the information they require fast, and in a format they can read anywhere. And they don't want to go searching for it.They want it fed to them through the first page of Google or marked on Google maps.  On smart phones and through social media posts.

Does Your Website Need a 2015 Makeover?

We can offer a full assessment of your website and how it stacks up for 2015.






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