Community Organisations Websites - What can it DO?

Written by Margaret Shakibaie
Community Organisations Websites - What can it DO?

There is no doubt in today’s digital world that any community based organisation requires a website. A website is now much more than an online brochure giving the general public information about your organisation. Your website can build community 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your website can answer questions about who you are and what you do from people who are too afraid to ask. A silent teacher and educator.

But what can your website do?

Your community based organisation’s website can streamline your administrative processes, promote efficient collaboration, reduce operating costs and build community participation and involvement.


Publish local and community news to engage with your members. Create a strong connection with your members through keeping them informed of good news stories and reports of events held. Allow your community members to post good news stories while you retain publishing rights.

Event management

Publish reoccurring and special events on an online calendar directly on your website. Allow different committee members to post events while retaining moderator and publishing rights. Create email invitations and allow RSVP and ticketing for special events, create attendance lists, speaker profiles and even more.

Members only online portal

Create a private membership area within your website to privately share resources with your community, publish notice boards and announcements and encourage collaboration within you community members.

Community based organisations including churches and religious groups, clubs and not for profit organisations can take advantage of the internet through a well optimised website with increased functionality.

Together we can develop a big vision but move forward with baby steps.