Does your Business have a Professional Internet Presence?

Written by Margaret Shakibaie

Have you recently Googled your full business name. Try it in an advanced Google search. What was the results?

Hopefully your website should come up first, unless you have a very generic business name. But what else? Social Networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Reviews of your business. Entries in Online Directories. Forums to which you have contributed. Suppliers and distributors websites. The possibilities are endless, but heaven forbid if there are no results. How would your prospective client find you?



Your Internet Presence can be in many forms, ranging from entries in Local Business directories, through to Social Networking websites but the key integral component is a professionally developed website. Your website need not be a huge dynamic website with photo gallery's and shopping carts. It simply needs to be designed and presented in a professional manner that supports your business image.

Questions you should consider

  • Does the look of the website reflect the personality of my business?
  • Is the website content relevant to my business?
  • Does the website content offer sufficient information to keep the prospective client interested?
  • Is the content current?
  • Are my contact details easily accessible?
  • Is the website easily navigated?
  • Do the graphics interfere with the content?

Internet Directories

Most Internet Directories include free submission for local businesses and often businesses are added without the knowledge of the business owner. Searching your business name as an advanced Google search will often show these results. As the business owner you need to be proactive in ensuring these entries are positive and beneficial to your business. Examples of these online directories include TrueLocal and HotFrog.

Questions you need to ask when looking at your entries in the Online Directories include

  • Do they have the correct contact details?
  • Do they show your logo?
  • Do they list your services?
  • Do they have a link to your website?

Social Networking

Social networking is the buzz phrase at the moment in Internet Marketing. A small business cannot afford to be without a presence within these mediums. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, the list is extensive. Wikipedia has a list of online social networking sites. Some would be relevant to your business and some not. A lot of small businesses are now using their facebook page as a blog, offering competitions and free samples from their facebook page and encouraging user interactions. Some do it well and some don't, but the important thing to remember in relation to social networking pages is to be committed to them. Do not create them and then forget about them. This does not offer a good impression of your business. You need to have regular content added or better not to have them.